Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Hearing Review

when my mom told me the date when i'll have my promontory test, i said: "i need to review".. of course i was just kidding, i say that everytime i'm about to undergo a medical test.. but i really reviewed for my promontory test..

first i went to father suarez review center.. joke. i attended father suarez' healing mass at st. jude last january 22 at st. jude parish in mediola.. we weren't able to get inside since the door already closed at around 12 or 1 pm.. i wasn't touched by fr. suarez but i was showered with blessings, literally! since he can't touch all the people outside na, he blessed everyone with holy water and showered everyone with holy water from the veranda.. eh i'm exactly below the veranda near the door lang.. lapit na sana makapasok.. sayang.. but it's ok.. i was really showered with blessings.. while i was being blessed withholy water, i told God: "Lord i just need some blessings, these are too many.. i'll just share it with others.. my 2 grandmas.. my friends.. my relatives.. my friendsters.. contacts in multiply, facebook, etc." hahaha! seriously, that's what i was thinking that time while the crowd are having a commotion because everyone wants to be blessed with holy water.. eh i can't hear eh.. so i don't really mind the noise except for the pushing.. that was a tiring day! but it's all worth it..

then that night, i was alone in the living room.. my mom, bro & dad was upstairs.. talitha was outside doing the laundry.. of course i was in front of the computer.. then i heard a "tuk!" sound.. i was kinda alarmed coz i thought it was a loud sound made by some explosion or a heavy thing fell so hard on the floor.. since i am able to hear those loud sounds.. i was shouting: "what was that?" my mom hurriedly went downstairs and told me that it was the iron stand (is that right? kabayo of iron) fell from the floor but it didn't really produce loud sound.. my mom asked: "did u heard really that?" hehe. how would i know if i didn't hear it? hehe. the next day, after i took a bath, my mom always tests my hearing by banging the door of the bathroom really hard.. but i can't hear hear the "tuk!" if it isn't loud enough.. but that afternoon something amazing happened.. i was able to define a soft and loud banging of the door.. nice huh?

since i reviewed for my promontory test, I PASSED! i didn't passed with flying colors, but I PASSED!

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