Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm glad to be a sick pinoy!

yes the facilities and stuffs are more advance in other countries.. then what made me say that?

eh kasi.. read on..

while i was browsing blogs & profiles of others sick people (mostly from other countries) from DailyStrength or wherever, i notice that they don't received that much care from their family.. there's love, support & concern, but not much of care.. iba talaga ang pinoy! ang yabang ba? that's my opinion lang.. kasi if they have a sick relative, they would hire someone (a nurse or a caregiver) to attend to the needs of their sick relative so that they could continue with their lives.. or send the to a nursing home.. even their old peeps naman diba? tapos when they are confined in the hospital, they leave everything to the doctors & nurses and leave the patient behind.. here in the philippines overnight galore in the hospital room! haha! i remembered when i was still in the hospital, i hate it when i'm left alone in my room, though my mom or whoever i'm with is just in the nurse' station or just outside the room.. basta i don't wanna ba left alone.. ayoko lang.. ayun nga.. i really felt everyone's care.. not just words like "take care" or "i care for you" i feel a lots of love, support and CARE!

i'm not saying that other people don't care about their sick family member.. syempre they care noh.. but i don't think 100% yung kulang, they just let the nurse or caregiver give to them nalang.. and who else do they turn to.. of course pinoys ang pinays! dba? dba? lots of pinoys are sharing their CARE to people around the world..

it's like this.. way way back when we knew i'm sick and needed to raise money for my 1st brain surgey, we were searching for a suppot group or organization that could help us.. unfortunately, most of them only help sick children.. parang.. sayang? no. instead i feel grateful because i didn't grew up normally and enjoyed my chilhood days.. as in enjoy talaga! lumalayo na ko? eto na.. other countries have those high-end madical facilities but they lack something important.. think about it..

good thing filipino cares.. so they try to have those facilities here in our country.. late bloomer.. pero what's important is it here na.. for example, the MRI, and ABI! and a lot more..

hay basta super thank you to all the caring people around me.. my family and relatives, doctors, friends, nurses, therapists, friends of friends, you, them, whoever.. basta dami eh.. i feel so cared for.. bakit ba? :P

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