Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Year-End Report ba?

thanks to makoy for tagging me.. pinaghirapan ko yan ah..

January - dvd marathon >>> the o.c. , grey's anatomy, desperate housewives

February - pacoy & marie's wedding.. i did the avp for them.. hihi!

March - can't rember na.. therapies lang.. :)

April - visita eglesia withe peeps.. went manaog & lingayen pangasinan.. after 2 years i got to go upstasirs here in our house.. :P

May - MAY birthday project @ pgh & poc.. gya peeps swimming @ cainta..

June - araw ng kalayaan.. :P i'm tubeless! yey!

July - after to years i go inside a cinema.. watched transformers @ greenhills with talitha & maro.. i can smile already! mini pa-simple smile lang.. :P

August - i was super happy when i learned about ABI! WISHLIST! launched

- MRI at pampanga.. thanks to timmy! my left auditory nerve is alive & kicking! woohoo! :P

October - ysiad's birthday website.. :) gems & i are working on something.. i lost 8lbs. woohoo! i already know how to use a hemi-walker.. started the hEAR
campaign (last week of october)..

November - my left foot is already moving! i got featured on news central & probe.. met mommycool.. saya! lots of NFF (new found friend)

- i got featured in y-speak naman.. shooting with my friends at moa for my feature in news central again (for january 1, 2008).. med-el anniv @ mandarin.. gya peeps @ cainta.. corny xmas @ gya.. gya new year's eve party! woohoo! NFF!

i'm tagging ida, c.a. tque, ysiad, talitha, isjan, mel, monica, camille and whoever wants to answer this too.. :) this is kinda fun..
it's so nice to look back.. grabe dami blessings this year! :)

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