Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Miracle? Just believe.

i'm so excited to go to fr. fernando suarez' healing mass on january 31.. why? feel ko lang bakit ba?;P
that pic was taken by maro during fr. suarez' healing mass at sancuario de san antonio in 2006.. i was so weak then.. i look so sick.. i got a very huge moon face (c/o the steroids i'm taking for the swelling of tumors).. basta i look like KAWAWA talaga!

but look at me now..

may "korean pose" pang nalalaman! hahaha!

i still look sick.. syempre i'm sick naman talaga! :P pero may aliwalas kahit i'm not smiling pa rin..

can't wait till january 31.. it's also don bosco's feast day pwede nya rin akong regaluhan on that day..

to st. john bosco: happy feast day po.. may loyalty award po ako sa inyo ah.. hahaha!

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