Saturday, April 30, 2016


Breakdown of my stitches:

7 - HEAD
  1. Open-Close Brain Surgery 2005 – 1st major surgery.
  2. VP Shunt 2005 – My head was super painful, I often passed out from the pain, hydrocephalus was already transforming, my head was so stressed from the pain.
  3. Cochlear Implant 2008
  4. Tumor Removal (that’s making my right eye to bulge out) 2011
  5. Immediate Brain Surgery (6cm progressive tumor that’s causing a lot of pressure) 2016
  6. Minor Surgery: Tumor removal in my forehead (thought it was just sebaceous cyst, was not diagnosed with NF yet) 1998
  7. Very minor surgery to close a scar from a rollerblading accident 1996- I fell on the ground & my chin was cut-open.

1 – LEFT ARM: Tumor removal (thought it was just sebaceous cyst, was not diagnosed with NF yet) 1996

1 – LOWER BACK: Tumor removal (thought it was just sebaceous cyst, was not diagnosed with NF yet) 1996 –my left arm was being closed, while my back was being opened. I was was very much awake & I was 12 years old then. That was my first minor surgery.

1 – LEFT RING FINGER: Tumor removal (thought it was just sebaceous cyst, was not diagnosed with NF yet) 1998 – this was done together with my                 forehead minor surgery

  1. Gastrostomy 2006
  2. Feeding tube insertion – Gastrostomy 2006 –Yes, there were 2.
  3. VP Shunt 2005 – there is a tube inside of me from my head going to my stomach to drain the fluids.

1 – RIGHT HAND: A schwannoma near my palm was getting bigger and painful so it has to be removed 2009- I was able to watched the whole procedure and       it was about 20 or 30 minutes.

1 – RIGHT BIG TOE FINGER: Schwannoma removal 2012 – The tumor was so small yet very painful that’s why I had it removed.

TOTAL= 15 Stitches (so far)

Friday, April 29, 2016

35 Staple Wires on my head

After 18 days, the staple wires on my head were removed.

Here is the video taken by my dad:

My AMAZING STORY because God is in control

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

“Lord God let me share to the world how great YOU are & make this surgery a success!”

That’s what I thought before dozing off in the operating room. And after a minute (feeling like a minute had just passed but the operation was actually 5 hours long), I was already up because I wanted to eat omelet.  Then I saw Dr. Geraldine Jose, my anesthesiologist, smiling at me while I was being reclined on the bed and surrounded by all my doctors. The surgery was already over? I had to give a thumbs up because I felt OKAY; Since I can’t speak yet, I kept raising it.. I’m OKAY. I’m OKAY. I’m OKAY!!!!!!! The surgery was a success! Thank you Lord!!!!!

I can see how happy Dr. Willy Lopez, my neurosurgeon, and the whole medical team were while they all look at me with big smiles..  I too was very happy, although I move in limitation, I felt wide awake. Right away, I was a completely conscious.  It was so amazing!!! I was not feeling any pain or discomfort and it seemed like nothing happened, like I just slept for a minute. Very very very AMAZING!

And then I saw the exit sign when I was about to be wheeled out of the operating room and it was very very clear! Then I was brought to the ICU and I saw my mom, dad and  tita angie. (I can’t be able to talk yet so I wrote on the whiteboard and kept raising my thumb up. AMAZING!!!!!! I was very much OKAY! Amazing!

January 2016, I already felt like something was about to change in my life, something is not right with me. Changge is about to happen and it’s not a good kind of change. I don’t know. I wasn’t sure. I prayed. I told God about it. Don’t make me feel hopeless. Don’t make me feel like giving up. God assured me that He will take full control of me.

I am letting God take full control of me now. I’m not doing anything, HE is doing everything. God has been doing great things to me. Amazing!

I was feeling like I was getting worse and worse; my vision, mobility, swallowing eic. I was getting weaker.  And now I AM FEELING BETTER AND BETTER EVERYDAY! Amazing!!!!!!

When God assured me that He taking over my life, I believe Him completely. I gave Him my 100% trust. I mean I’m relying on Him 101%!

Actually, this has also been a wake-up call for me. I keep on praying the serenity prayer everyday as I start my day..

God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can’t and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

I finally received the wisdom now. To know the difference between the things that I can accept and the things I can change in me.  I will get better. I will improve. God told me. I’m very much determined. I will improve. I decided to focus on myself this year and set aside the things I want to do. I will get better so that I can do more.  I will get better so that God can use me more!

Please don’t idolized me, I am not the one who is doing all these amazing things, believe me God is really taking over my life now. I am not in control, I am God’s instrument. I am letting Him use me.

Beside my BIG BIG BIG FAITH in God & in myself, I am also putting my faith is you! That you will help and support me as well. I can’t do this alone. You will help me, right?
 2 months I’ll be having another surgery to remove another tumor in my brain that’s causing pressure and we need to raise at least 700 thousand pesos for that.

How can you help:

1. My book KCAT CAN is very much available for 450 pesos plus shipping fee of 60 pesos for Metro Manila & 100 for provincial. Please message my mom, Madge Yarza on Facebook or send a textx message at 09272459400 with these details:
Mobile Number:
How many book/s?
Shipping address:

You can send the payment by depositing it either at BDO or BPI.

Savings Acct Number: 00 02 809 824 88

BPI Express
Savings Account # 1899 394 7 51
Name: Maria Kathrina L. Yarza

2. You can donate through:

Savings Acct Number: 00 02 809 824 88

- BPI Express
Savings Account # 1899 394 7 51
Name: Maria Kathrina L. Yarza

- Western Union, Cebuana Lhuillier, LBC, Palawan, M Lhuillier, and other money transfer services.
- Here are the details:
    Recipient: Madeliene Lopez Yarza
    Mobile Number: 09272459400
    Address: 451-M M. Vasquez Street, Barangay Harapin Ang Bukas,                                      Mandaluyong City 1500 Philippines.

3. You can also go to my GO FUND ME page made by Tita Annie Campbell at :

4. You can send your donation via PayPal at


6. Please share my ongoing story to everyone you know.


God is really taking over my life right now. I am not doing anything, God is doing amazing things in my life right now. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I am alive and I am strong because I have a very strong God! An amazingly strong God is working miracles on me every second and I can really feel it!

I also posted this on Facebook.

Monday, March 7, 2016

A very wonderful & sumptuous Lunch at Melo's yet again

Talitha & I along with some friends  (Kariz, Janna, Janna’s BF) are all set to travel Japan in 2 weeks and spend the Holy Week there.

 Kobe, Japan, where Wagyu beef originated isn’t really part of our itinerary.  We were not too keen to taste the authenticity of Wagyu there  coz Talitha and I have been blessed to blessed coz we’ve been blessed to be able  to  divulge on the melt-in-the-mouth goodness of Wagyu teak a couple of times already and I’m not exaggerating when when I say it melts in the mouth; it really does. In fact I find it very Gerd-friendly. I have been having Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and I am often having a hard time swallowing my foo d. It’s lke the food is locked up and I can’t swallow it properly but not if thefood already melts before I can swallow it all, right?

Last March 2, Talitha, Bene and I headed to Melo’s at Westgate  in Alabang and had a very Wonderful Sumptuous Lunch of Wagyu and more because steak is not the only thing hat’s great there. We loved everything we ate. Everything was so yummy!Everything.

St French Onion Soup

Always start it with soup
Pan Seared Scallops with Mango Salsa Salad 

Starting it with with yummy-ness!

Grilled Norwegian Salmon with Lemon butter sauce

Lobster Tail Thermidor

Awesome & Yummy! 'Nuff said.

Wagyu Tenderloin Grade 12 with  Escargot  and Creamy cTruffle Sauce

Because what's a Melo's meal without Wagyu?

Happy Tummies

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016

January 1

Welcomed the New Year aith GYA Peeps, of course. Always have been.

And so IPON2016 begins!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Gift of Time 2015: TIME FOR FRIENDS (GYA Peeps)

As we welcomed 2015, Talitha, Maro and I gave our friends (GYA Peeps)  our Christmas / New Year gift: TIME FOR FRIENDS inspired by the quote: “Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.” by Peg Bracken. And the #GiftOfTime every GYA Peeps' birthmonth was born!


Dessert with Camille
With Camille, Jenrik & Talitha  at St. Marc Cefe in Megamall

Lunch with Kariz + Dinner with Michelle = Late Dinner
Very late dinner with Michelle, Kariz, Camille, Jenrik, Isjan, Kathreen, Kayze & Talitha at Tony Roma's in Fort Strip


Breakfast with Kathreen
Brunch at IHOP, BGC with Kathreen, Maro, Talitha, Jerome, Michelle, Kariz, Cris & Talitha

Coffee with Andi
At Starbucks in Bonifacio Highstreet after my birthday dinner

Lunch with Jerome
At Hole in the Wall, Century Mall with Jerome, Michelle, Talitha, Bene & Andi


Cake with Grace 

Because we were so busy and our schedule was so full that time, we just asked Kayze to bring the cake to Grace.


Mexican Food with Jenrik (originally June birthmonth)
Sunday dinner at Silantro in Kapitolyo with Jenrik, Camille, Kathreen, Michelle, Talitha, Andi, Bene, Janna & Renz

Ramen with Cris (supposedly in June)
Ramen + Coffe night at  Megamall (Kichitora & Starbucks) with Cris, Holy Ann, Nicole, Janna, Talitha, Kathreen & Renz

Burger with Kayze
With Tlitha, Kayze & Kathreen at Teddy's Burger in Shangrila Mall


Pizza with Dong
At Shakey's Lourdes with Dong, Jet,Talitha, Michelle, Kayze, Maro, Mami & Dadi

Going Greek with Janna
With Jana, Rnz & Talitha at Cyma in Robinsons Place, Manila


Supposed to be its pasta time with Bene but we had it at our Year-End dinner in December instead.


GYA Peeps’ Year End dinner plus Pasta with Bene & Asian Cuisine with Isjan
GYA Peeps' Year End / Christmas Dinner at NIU by Viking in SM Aura Premiere

Goodbye 2015! Thank you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

KCAT CAN: Let's touch each other's lives

Ma, may sasabihin ako sa’yo, author na ako.  (Ma, I have to tell you something. I’m now an author). Those were my words to my mom before going to bed the night after my book launch. I was so happy; I still am.

Years ago, some friends suggested that I write a book about my life. Well, maybe someday. Maybe. At that time, I really did not think that it would be possible. In 2008, I came across Yvonne Foong who authored her book, I’m not Sick, Just a bit unwell: Life with Neurofibromatsis. Her outlook in life, her positivity living with Neurofibromatosis has inspired me.

I am going to publish a book. If Yvonne can, I, too, can do it! I am going to tell my story. As I start, I looked back and was amazed of the things I was able to overcome. Little by little, I started writing it down. However, I was not motivated enough and was too lazy to put all my focus on it. I also became accommodated with other things and busy with my column in Manila Bulletin (June 2010 – June 2014), setting aside my manuscript but not the dream of publishing my own book someday.

In November 2014, recent scans of my brain reveled that I had tumors needing of treatment via radiotherapy that would cost half a million pesos. I had to do something. It was right timing, an answered prayer, the idea of compiling my writings for the past 4 years came up. This way, I will be able to sustain my medical needs, treatments, tests and maintenance; sustaining my essential needs and at the same time fulfilling my dream of publishing a book.

I have always believed that if we want something to happen, we have to work hard for it. God helps those who help themselves. Just like the Filipino saying: “nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.” God provided. I did what I can and He sent people to help me accomplish my dream. Indeed, we can make our dreams come true! It may have took me a year or even 4 years accumulating all my published articles. It was not at all easy but I persevered. In the end, it was all worth it!

KCAT CAN: I have a pen that writes

A life written in permanent ink. Every chapter, each page filled with concrete experiences. As I write it all down, mistakes cannot be erased. There is no turning back.

This is the life that I'm living - a life permanently written. As I take the path each day, I am confident that I am on the right track. For these are not at all in vain, God guides. He is the guideline in my story called life.

...and because of Him, I CAN!

November 14, 2015. As Jet Ramos started with program, I suddenly felt surreal. I froze for a while and told myself, “This is MY book launch.” I wasn’t just an attendee of someone’s book launching but it’s my book. Wow!  The book launch was a success. Most of the people who attended told me that they all had a good time. I was out of words and all I can think was: THANK YOU. Yes, in capital letters.

Here is the video of my Thank you message during the program.

Please support, Like and Share KCAT CAN: I have a pen that writes on Facebook.
For orders, please fill up an order form at

It is on Goodreads too and an eBook version will also be available SOON.
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