Sunday, March 26, 2017


I was browsing through my old files when I saw this. I can't find that quiz I took at WebMD in 2013.

Presenting.. my superpowers:

Saturday, March 25, 2017


We’ve been friends since we were 4. I’m not sure if she the one who was 4 or I was the one who’s 4 or both of us were 4 years old. Probably it was summer vacation and both of us were 4 years old. Let’s just assume that it all happened in the middle of March 25, 1988 and May 13, 1988. They live in Taguig back then but is often in Mandaluyong. She was one of my playmates. We grew up together (along with the rest of the GYA Peeps. There were Kyannahs, Dianas, DMK, ChaKhaDaiKcaMiYeKy, etc. There were lots of parties, baseball, volleyball, badminton, picnic sa labas ng bahay, outings, tambay nyts, lots of games, plants that became foods, candy wrappers that became money , adventures and more more more plus lots of party organizing headed by Daisy, Michelle and Kcat. These 2 girls are my LONGEST CLOSEST BESTEST friends Daisy who I’ve known since I was 2 years old (I can still remember that we often play on the rocking chair together with Taj, Maan & Donna) & Michelle, the mataray pero mabait na bata who I met and became friends with when I was 4.

October 4 is my favorite day because it’s the day that Daisy becomes the same age as me. But there something bigger: MARCH 25 – my most favorite day because its MICHELLE’s birthday and the 3 of us share the same number in terms of age.

Happy Birthday to one of my longest closest bestest friends, my cousin, my teacher, my motivator, my alalay, my ka-chikahan, my lakwatsa buddy, my supporter especially in my kalokohan (ssssss), my exercise buddy, my foodtrip buddy, my food supplier, my listener, my cheerleader, my caregiver, my model (Yes, she modeled for our fashion show contest in college and we won 2nd place!) etc. etc. etc.

Thank you for being born

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


In 2008, I gave myself the best birthday gift from my hard-earned money. I was able to buy

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February 14 is GALS Day

Move over Valentine’s Day, today is GALS Day!!!

GALS is Graciano Altre Lopez Sr. He is the husband of Diding (Mang). He is the father of Vic, Jun, Belle, Miriam, Madge, Angie & Jim. He is the grandfather of Miguel Franco, Maria Kathrina, Jonathan Mark, Cristopher Jason, Ana Celina, Mark Anthony, Valerie Ann, Talitha Karisse, Viella Mae, Paul Michael, Paula Therese, Holy Ann, Janna Mariz, Allen David, Juan Mikhail +, Chrissie Ann, Patricia Nicole, Kiefer Jan, Maro Luiz, Jesper Ryan and Atom.

He died on February 14, 2000 due to heart ailment. We call him PAPA or Papa Lolo and everyone else called him Noning.

 Papa Noning is G.A.L.S. and it is not mere acronym of his name for us, but happiness, love and togetherness because that is what he shared and taught when he was still with us.

Almost all of my happy childhood memories were spent with my cousins from the maternal side, and all gratitude I give to our lolo Papa. “Basta bigyan niyo ako ng maraming apo,” those were Papa’s words as he blessed the weddings of all his children.

I remember having many overnight stays with my cousins at my grandparents’ house in Mandaluyong. Good thing our home is just a few blocks away but my cousins who live in Navotas, Muntinlupa, Makati, Pasig, and Cainta were all personally fetched by Papa. How fond of and loving he was to us.

During summer, the whole family traveled to Aloleng in Agno, Pangasinan to stay at our Papa and Mang’s vacation house. We frolicked in the beach, ran around the grassland, climbed up the tree house Papa made for us, picked mangoes and chicos, and made campfires.  Because of these bonding moments, my cousins and I have been like siblings who are really close to each other, up until now.

Papa was a survivor. He faced a lot of accidents, from minor accidents like falling down the ladder, to major ones like a vehicular accident, and serious burns from a fire accident; but he bravely overcame all these and continued on with his life. Now that I think about it, it was through Papa where I witnessed the real meaning of the quote “Life must go on”.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Love is a most potent force.  It does make our world go round.  It puts gladness into hearts, making them skip with joy and excitement.  In most countries around the world, and since time immemorial, a day is specially celebrated for love’s sake.

There are several stories that tell about the origin of Valentine’s Day.

There is one that tells of a Roman citizen who was martyred on February 14 for refusing to give up Christianity and for helping Christians escape the harsh Roman prisons.

Another person named Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer's daughter, who had become his friend, and signed it "From Your Valentine".

There is also a story that tells about St. Valentine, a priest who was jailed for defying Emperor Claudius who outlawed marriage for young men because the Emperor believed that single men made better soldiers that those with sweethearts, wives and families. St. Valentine saw it as an injustice and continued to perform marriages in secrecy.  He was beheaded on February 14, at around 270 AD.

The origins and history of why we celebrate the day of hearts on February 14 may differ; nevertheless, it puts emphasis on a common subject – LOVE.  And celebrating LOVE is precisely what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Giving love and celebrating love on Valentine’s Day is not limited only to the romance between two hearts (romantic love).

Not being in a romantic relationship does not mean one is loveless.

Love is everywhere.  Love is free.  It is a God-given blessing for us to give as well as to receive.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


I love NDREI so much!
(Migraine aura is preventing me in finding our last picture together, I have a picture of him in my heart though.)

I wrote about Ndrei Riña in 2014. And I became friends with Ndrei & her mom, Rubi (along with Ndrei’s 2 younger siblings, Eli and Sam). I really admired Ndrei’s Faith in God. Yes, I have a very big FAITH IN GOD and that’s the reason part of the reason why I am amazed with him. A very young boy who is battling a chronic illness is able to have that big and strong Faith. He is still very very cheerful and very positive child despite everything.

And then on September 2016, Ndrei died.

He lost the battle with Liver Disease, but he was able to touch a lot of lives and helped them gain something (a lot of things) from life.

Ndrei may have been gone, but the film NDREI: THE LITTLE WARRIOR IS BORN!

Mommy Rubi shared Ndrei’s amazing, inspirational and touching story and made the script. They were able to start and produce the film by using all that was left o NDrei’s previous medical funds.

Through this film, they’ll be able to share Ndrei’s very inspiring and touching story while raising awareness about the struggles of persons with a deadly Liver Disease, especially on children and how their family and love ones lives with it.

At the same time, the proceeds of this film will benefit a couple of children with Liver Disease (Biliary Atresia).

The film is already completed and fully done.

They need to raise more funds so that they can be able to do a premiere showing of the film so that the MTRCB can be able to review it and that everyone can watch how inspiring Ndrei’s life was by having it shown in cinemas and schools Nationwide.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Special

The last thing on my “to-do-list” this year was to make Christmas (and New Year) gift tags. Despite the migraine aura, I was able to accomplish it and I was all done in less than an hour that leaves me to do nothing but stare on my computer and surf the net. And then I suddenly had a light bulb moment.

I remembered the video that I saw on Facebook a few days ago. This Christmas, what will you choose? To receive something special or to give something to someone special? And I am choosing both.

I really had nothing worthwhile to do so I also made a gift tag for my friends I would see the name on my notifications. Those who liked or commented on my posts (Even though it’s not a bit related to the Christmas gift tag. Haha.) I also checked my friends list chose to include those familiar names. Yes, I was that bored. I was also determined. I really want to do this. I just want to. A couple of days ago, I have decided that if I want to do something and I can do it by myself, I will definitely push through with it and if it’s something that I need to depend much on other people, I will think about it first.

I wanted to make my friends feel special and this Christmas Project is very simple and with God’s help, I can do this by myself and it was a succes

My Christmas Project may be just mere images and a simple Christmas greetings but it has a lot of things in it. I didn’t use any app or generator for it and every photo that I made came with my effort, my sincerity, my love and my prayers. Of course, prayers are included because as we all know, Jesus is the reason for this season, right?

I feel so fulfilled once again because I have greeted 500+ persons a Merry Christmas and I did it one by one and I hope that I made them feel special in a way.
It was so amazing that I wasn’t a bit tired from doing it, in fact I feel so great because I did it and I was able to do all of it by myself in my own little way.

For the pepeople that I wasn’t able to give a gift tag to, I just wasn’t able to make you one. That’s all. YOU ARE STILL VERY VERY SPECIAL and Jesus was born for YOU.

Let’s make our friends and love ones feel special. It doesn’t need to be something big or something grand. We can do it in our own little and simple ways. Not only this Christmas but always.


Monday, November 7, 2016

Our scars will make us a stronger person.

I was reminded of the word “scarface” and then I giggled and immediately wrote this on my Facebook wall:

And then my Malaysian friend, YL shared with me something Keisha wrote about dealing with NF2 and surgery scars, this was from her last public speech before she passed away in 2014 and here it is:

"I have a genetic condition called NF2. Basically, tumors grow throughout my nervous system, and every time I have sought treatment, I come out of the operating room with a new scar - a souvenir to remind me of a hard-fought battle for survival.

I do not see reason to consider these scars a disfigurement of my body. Rather, I choose to see them a testament of how trials and adversity can unite the human spirit. Out of tragedy, my family, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, caregivers and friends have united time and again to shine forth with the ultimate good within humankind. This is the story behind each and every scar on my body - of a unity of care and love turning tragedy into triumph.

In overcoming danger and earning the scars, I have found true strength, true character true faith and true love."

—Keisha Petrus (1989-2014)

Though I wasn’t able to meet Keisha when she was still alive, it's like I already did and I’m so inspired by her. Thanks to YL that I got to read her previous writings.

“My duels with NF2 have left me scarred, wheelchair bound and deaf! As bleak as that sounds, my life doesn’t revolve around the hospital. I have never let NF2 stop me from living my life. To the contrary, I have allowed my condition to provide me opportunities to broaden my horizons, challenge my faith and test my character. So instead of wallowing in self-pity, I embrace adversity to bring out the best in me and overcome the obstacles in my life. Thanks to my condition, I’ve been able to experience the world in a way few people get to see. The fragility of life inspires me to live to the fullest."
— Keisha Petrus (1989-2014)

It’s so amazing that we have the same outlook in life. WOW. WOW. WOW.

While I was about to write this blog post, YL commented on the status that I posted in Facebook with Keisha’s peice. 

Maybe, God eavesdropped on what I was thinking again and HE learned about the topic I’m planning to write & asked Keisha to whisper to YL for him to share that certain writing / speech that she wrote back in April 2014 that I posted above.

I also love this poem written by Keisha:

I Am Wearin' My Skin
Poem by Keisha Petrus

My message stands tall with pride and grace, 
My words in good time shall be like wind, 
Brace yourself dear friend, let the breeze propel you, 
Trust in my mission, and you will be free to live life’s embrace.

I once was swayed by aesthetic charm, 
Beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, beautiful body, 
I sweat, I sought, I fought, 
To no avail did I reach my Envy.

Lost a few pounds, strapped on my heels, 
No more laughter, no more tears.
But my heart knew better, I lacked content, 
I yearned, I cried, I prayed for something more than this.

My pleas were answered, my life put in perspective, 
Those blossoming belles bore nothing, 
Instead engrossed in hopeless insecurity, indeed highly defective, 
A hidden image behind a mirror, a roamer’s reflection.

Loving myself is more important than ridding my blemishes, 
As women come in many shapes and sizes.
I spend my time now in helping others, 
I am wearin’ my skin, no more empty and foolish disguises.

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