Friday, January 19, 2018

I bought Ardeur De France Perfumes from Betsy

So one of our NF Friends is selling Ardeur De France Perfumes.

While I was talking with her and getting to know each other, I decided to buy the products she’s selling. No, she didn’t talk me out of it. No sales talk or something. I just suddenly said, “I will order perfumes.”

Why? Because it made me happy.

It’s always glad to know that a family or friend sells something to earn an extra income, no matter how small it is. As you know, I’m really a big fan of the words “every cent counts” and “I CAN.”

So I bought Ardeur De France Perfumes from Betsy.

Now I know why Betsy is one of their best sellers.


Interested? Get in touch with Betsy Victor at 09278548657

You can check out  Betsy's Facebook .

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