Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let's make memories!

i went out my h.s. barkada last friday night.. unfortunately, pau didn't make it.. sayang! she was suppose to show off her very preggy tummy to us.. hehe. lheeyah, kokie and jenny picked me from our house (nah.. just in pag-asa) around 10pm.. of course my yaya accompanied me.. yaya talitha! hahaha! :)) we went to serendra in the fort.. stroll.. picture here there
(pictures from kokie & madie in my multiply photo album).. then we ate at clawdaddy/new orleans.. yum! yum! :D then madie & mau followed.. happy! happy! chikahan.. sila! chismisan.. sila! tawanan.. sila! hahaha! i'm happy observing them.. i'm happy i'm with them.. i'm happy they're happy.. nakana! drama eh noh? haha! truelalu 'to noh! :P when i saw them laughing out loud.. i laughed with them.. wala lang.. trip lang.. i always do that.. i dunno what they're laughing at.. but since i laughed too.. they all laughed with me.. at least i know the reason they're laughing.. hahaha! one of my kahibangan ever! :P

anyway, we went out because kokie will be flying to the U.S. very very soon (on february 2?) and we need to make memories.. of course already has a lot of memories to bring with her.. we wanna increase it lang.. eh gusto namin eh.. need to maximize kokie's remaining days here in the country.. *pause* no i didn't cry noh! baka i might end up in the hospital lang.. i just stopped for a while and reminisce.. our dinner outs.. coffee.. overnights.. roadtrips.. ek-ek.. ang drama lang! :P

basta let's always make memories..
happy memories.. woohoo!

as what i told lheeyah.. it's ok that we don't see & hang-out that much.. i got a lot of baon memories.. of course happy happy happy memories..

i'm not full of "what ifs" coz i don't think about it that much.. instead i think of "what we did.." & "what we'll be doing.." parang "i know what you did last summer" lang.. hahaha!

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