Sunday, January 27, 2008

God is super duper great!

we just got home from dbtc alumni homecoming coz we had a booth provided for us to sell the hEAR shirts.. thanks to sir dan, sir nap, sir joey and bicc.. pero syempre thanks to madie! kasi madie used to work @ bicc, etc. etc. etc. o diba? everything has a reason talaga.. it's so nice to look back then u'll see the connection of every detail in your life.. everything has a reason talaga.. reasons pa nga eh.. sabi ko nga, life is like friendster connect-connect lang.. haha! hay nako! basta ang saya lang.. tapos God has reasons
(yeah reasons.. plural!) why He put me in this of condition.. i was like "OK" at first.. accept lang accept.. though it really got in my mind na "ay, i'm so sick pala!" but i never really questioned God.. super struggle but i got hold of my faith talaga.. ayun.. until i fully accepted it na.. i felt like i should be grateful kasi parang God trust me so much.. na of all people ako pa diba? syempre no one wants to be sick naman noh! pero if you'll look at it as a whole package.. grabeh promise! sabi ko nga in my yspeak interview: "hindi naman tayo bibigyan ng ng pagsubok di ba? kung hindi naman kakayanin kaya.. kaya.. alam ko sa sarili ko sa sarili ko na kaya binigay 'to sakin kasi kaya ko." and i'm so grateful for that.. kasi grabe He super made me strong talaga! i'm not superwoman, pero i'm strong noh! :P tapos i'm helping those who are helping me raise funds pa.. how? they're making a good deed syempre.. o diba? it's so nice to know that people are doing an act of kindness because of u.. wow naman.. feeling special.. child! haha! :P tapos yun pa.. balita ko, i got alot of people inspired.. hehe. chismax lang.. :P ayun, i inspire people kaya i get inspired din.. two-way lang.. hehe. bsta i'm grateful of many many things.. dami pa blessings..

ay, i'm out of topic na.. what i really wanna share is what made me happy today.. ayun nga, we came from dbtc alumni homecoming.. do i have to repeat it again? hehe. eto na.. thanks to madie muna.. THANK YOU VERY times 100 MUCH MADIE! we raised 18,000+pesos (nagkamali pla ako ng rinig.. este basa pala ng lips.. hehe.) tonight.. galing ng pr skills!.. bravo! plus.. Mr. Sandy Javier (the owner of andoks manok, yes the guy in silver swan tvc) said that when we already raise 1M, we'll contact him and he'll take care of the .5M.. nice noh? super wow!

i'm really showered with lots and lots of blessings.. i concentrate on those lang.. i don't let let my life absord the negative things that's happening.. nega things happens but there's also positive in there.. promise! all you need to do is put an intersecting line above the negative.. (- > +) gets? hehe. :P ay basta! positive attracts positive.. negative attracts negative.. kaya positive lang.. period. though we need those negative din.. kaya anjan yan.. because it has a reason diba? basta yun.. deadma nalang! just be positive. tapos.

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