Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I bought a cake!

i had my electroaudiometry (promontory) test this morning.. it will define what device would be use, is itcochlear implant or ABI.. few years ago, my doctors told me that cochlear won't work for an NF2 patient like me.. true! but i never lose hope.. i know i'll be able to hear again.. not that i haven't accepted the fact that i'm deaf and it can be forever.. but there's still hope.. ah basta! and then i read about ABI (aditory brainstem implant).. and as they say, the rest is history.. hahaha. i was sooo happy.. as in!

Cochlear implants are not an option for patients with NF2, a genetic disease that produces benign tumors on both auditory nerves, which are severed when the tumors are removed. An ABI transmits sound through electrical impulses to an array with 21 electrodes implanted on the surface of the cochlear nucleus in the auditory brainstem.
the quality of sound by the CI (cochlear implant) is better than ABI.. but it's still sound and i'm sooo happy with that.. basta sound. period.

while my mom was doing her own research of ABI in the net, she saw an article about penetrating brainstem implant, it's the updated version of ABI and the HEI (house ear institute) in california is conducting a study for FDA approval so they're looking for some patients to have that implanted on them so my mom contacted the writer of the article then he/she said my mom's letter has already been forwarded to the person/s who can help us for the said purpose.. but my mom didn't notice that she was 2 years late because the article she read was dated 2005.. but still dr. derald brackman of HEI replied and offeredus to review my case and give his medical opinion.. for free! nice.. nice..

he said cochlear implant might work for me.. so he advise me to have a promontory testing..

so is it COCHLEAR IMPLANT or ABI? that is the question.

i told my fam lastnight that if my promontory test would be positive, i'll buy a cake.. if it's negative, i'll still buy a cake.. be fair.. haha.

so here's the cake:
because i passed! woohoo! its cochlear implant for me.. this is it! i'll really be able to hear again early this year.. target date is march, then it'll be turned-on on april.. then i could already hear on my birthday! woohoo!

***next: my review for my promontory test.. i'm already sleepy.. i'll blog about it tomorrow..

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