Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sitting pretty: A hassle-free and comfortable travel with Lifelifters

Yesterday (November 3), I joined Talitha on their Medical Mission / Charity Event / Outreach Project (whatever you want to call it) at Jollibee in West Ave., QC. Good thing Neil of Lifelifters Transport Inc. offered me a free two-way ride with their van that is equipped with a wheelchair lift to any destination within Metro Manila. Cool right?

When my sister told me about the event (kwento about the event SOON) and asked me if I want to come with her, I immediately said YES with the thought of using the free Lifelifters service. Game! I asked them to pick us up at 9:30 in front of Harapin Ang Bukas Barangay Hall in Kalentong. Neil & the driver came on time & had to wait for us since YARZA = LATE (Dba? Dba? Dba?), I think we got out of the house at 10?

♥ It's hassle-free. Effortless. Sitting pretty. Upon getting out of the house and ride my wheelchair, all I ever did was sit prettily until we arrived at the venue.

♥ We arrived before the event started (rare case scenario). We didn't need to hail a cab anymore, which really takes a lot of time. Always. The van was already there waiting for us. :) Because we came early as planned, Talitha & I were able to eat breakfast. Wiii!

♥ As I have said, all I did was sit prettily (and take pictures ;P). It was a smooth ride and I didn't fall of  each time the van swerves because it is equipped with safety restraints that locks the wheelchair in place while the vehicle is moving. It even has a seat belt. :)
Seat belt on
♥ No more bawas ganda points for Talitha coz there's no need for her to carry my wheelchair in & out of the compartment.

I need to put a whole lot of effort whenever I transfer to & from my wheelchair going in and out of the car. It's not easy but it's not that hard either. But it's alright, I'm already used to it. Lakwatserang naka-wheelchair eh. :P But a hassle-free & comfortable ride, why not? I'd love to take it anytime!

In 2006, when I was really really really weak, I used to not like travelling here and there because I needed to keep on transferring from one seat to another. I hated the discomfort and pain it gives me (I was so weak then remember?) Now, it's alright for me to transfer from one place to another with minimal assistance because I CAN. This is just me, but how about the other PWDs who really can't? This indeed is the solution for a painless and convenient travel!

Lifelifters Transport Inc. is the first van rental service in the Philippines that provides transportation solutions to PWDs and their families. Their Toyota Grandia van is equipped with a hydraulic wheelchair lift that allows PWDs to enter and exit the vehicle without the pain and inconvenience of being transferred from one place to another.

Lifelifters also supports God is Able International Foundation, Inc., an NGO that works with Christian churches in order to serve PWDs.

Lifelifters Transport Inc. is located at
#48 7th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

For bookings and queries, you may contact:
Tel No: 438-3520 / 438-3091
​Cell No: 0942-811-5438


Photos from Lifelifters:

Excited to ride!

Aliw ako eh :P

Admiring the seatbelt. Haha.



We;re here!

Naaliw kasi ako dito:
Mababaw ang kaligayahan eh :P

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  1. Great post Kcat! I'm sure other families with PWDs would find this really useful :)


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