Thursday, July 30, 2015

GYA Peeps went to London..chos!

Our #BabyLoveFansClubInternational couple, Noel & Marge invited us to dine with them or meet for coffee after their dinner last Friday. Then suddenly, we have another lakwatsa on Saturday Night. We all wanted to try Costa Coffee and Michelle really really wants to, so Eastwood on Saturday night it is!

Photo from Kathreen
All of our planned “lakad” are always pushing through, super planado or biglaang lakad, walang hindi natutuloy unlike before. We’ve changed. We are more lakwatseras and lakwatseros now. Haha.

Photo from Isjan
Photo from Isjan
Since Michelle wanted pasta, we had dinner at Pasto and then we hanged out at Costa. Kathreen had to leave coz she had to meet her friends in Megamall. It felt like we were transported to London. Haha. We liked their coffee and we’ll go to Costa in Rob Place with Damian soon. Currently, it isn’t open yet but it will (on July 31). Basta we’ll go there soon!

We went home at 12am coz Talitha & I needs to go to Bulacan for the 2nd Gift of Hearing Project. (I’m still writing about the event)


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Loyola with the (Yarza) Loyola

July 19 – Sunday.

 We went to Loyola Memorial Park to celebrate ME’s 2nd death anniversary. Her death anniv was really on July 9 but it was raining the weekend before that and the cousins & sister has a schedule Boracay trip with the GYA Peeps so we visited her grave (with Lolo Pete in it) 10 days after.

The trip included a sidetrip to Papa’s (GALS / Lolo Noning) grave since he’s just nearby. The distance is like Pag-Asa & M. Vasquez when they were still alive.

Yarza & Loyola + Mang + Andi

And there was also a special driving lesson for Talitha, Andi & Jenrik conducted by Bene & Camille. It was either the FX (Manual) or Starex (Automatic). Haha.

I just a had a long weekend full of lakwatsa last week but who said I can’t go out as often as I want? Of course I CAN LAKWATSA! :p Eastwood with the GYA Peeps later & Sta. Maria Bulacan for the Gift of Hearing Event tomorrow together with Talitha and her Miss Audiologist friends.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Saturday Lunch with Damian

Damian Joseph is the 1st GYA Peeps baby. Not really the 1st GYA baby but Ysiad is the first mommy among GYA Peeps. GYA stands for Green Years Apartment; not only is it where we are currently living, it’s the place we all grew up to and it is where our friendship bloomed.

Last Saturday (July 18) we had lunch at Magnum Manila with Damian (Okay, including his parents Ysiad & Jepoy) We planned to go there when it opened last year but it suddenly rained (I think there was a storm and it didn’t push through,. We wanted to dine there and not just buy an ice cream. We wanted to sit inside. Haha.

We have to dine there before it closes on July 26. (We knew about it from the start; that the days it's open here in the PH are numbered) We have to. So, we immediately planned to go to Magnum Pleasure Store in SM Aura.

OTW SM Aura. I love Uber. 
Cajun Spiced Chicken Poppers

Bacon Fried Fries

Spinach Cannelloni

Magnum Bolognese

Carbonara with Cocoa Dusted Bacon and Sous Vide Egg

Magnum Burger

Damian wants to eat too

Winner! Free Magnum. Congrats Katren! 
 Of course our Magnun Pleasure Store wouldn't be complete without desserts. Magnum Ice!
Desserts! (Photo from Katren)

Longest Closest Bestest Friends (Photo from Ysiad)

more lakwatsa to come Damian!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wonderful steak lunch at Melo’s!

The very long travel from Mandaluyong to Alabang, Muntinlupa is always more than worth it at Melo’s. Thanks to Uber Manila, getting a ride & travelling is always hassle-free for us (so far) and it was easy for us to get at Melo’s in Westgate Alabang.

Talitha & I were supposed to go there with Maro since it was a holiday & he has no classes but he has somewhere to go to so I invited Kathreen the night before and she immediately agreed. Who would decline Melo’s anyway?

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Long Weekend = Long Lakwatsa!

Most people would plan / schedule a trip or "lakwatsa" whenever there's a long weekend. Kala niyo kayo lang? Ako rin!

Went to Melo's in Alabang yesterday for a very very delightful steak lunch then strolled at ATC for a while. I just got home from SM Aura & ha lunch with cutie patootie Damian before Magnum Manila closes on July 26. We'll be visiting our grandmother ME (and Lolo Pete) tomorrow at Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina. Of course we'll say hi to Papa GALS too.

Will blog about these 3 on next week. ;)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Looking at the bright side

"Ang tagal mo na palang nagtitiis."

Someone told me that when she learned that I was diagnosed with NF in 2004, got really week in 2005 and became totally deaf in 2006. I asked her, “Nagtitiis?” Because I don’t think I am literally suffering hence there’s no need for me to endure it. You might think that I’m just acting tough but that’s how I really feel. These sufferings don’t really make me feel like I am suffering ever since. I felt pain that had me crying, unconscious, in delirium state, etc. (on the scale of 1-10 and 10 as the highest, I have experienced pain that's 10 countless of times). I used to be in so much pain & up to now, I usually feel those pain once in a while but that’s just it. Yes, I'm living in pain but I don't think that my life is suffering too. NF is NF, Kcat is Kcat.

Am I too positive and looking at the bright side too much? I don’t think so. It’s helping me and it has helped me a lot.
“Positive thinking doesn't mean that you keep your head in the sand and ignore life's less pleasant situations. Positive thinking just means that you approach unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way. You think the best is going to happen, not the worst."  (Mayo Clinic)

I’ve always believed that I’m an optimist, yet I’m always in-check with reality and has a firm grip on it. I am an optimist realist!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tack is back!

Photo from Many Faces of NF 
I never really left though. I’m always here; always been here. I was just too lazy to blog but not anymore ..hopefully. It’s always our choice and I’m choosing to stop being lazy.

I know that I’m not really good in writing. I am not a natural-born writer but I believe that I have a lot of things to write and share about.

I was once asked, “How can you market your work & yourself?” I am confident that I’ve experienced, doing and living everything that I write about and those are not mere words only. Practice what you preach, right?

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