Tuesday, August 9, 2016

NF Amici (NF Friends)

Sunday is family day & I spent the 1st Sunday of August with some of my NFF family.

I’ve been meaning to invite these friends for a meal and thank God, I was able to make it happen. I often chat and talk with them; some I even talk to almost 24/7. They even accompany me and won’t leave me behind online whenever I’m all by myself at home (binabantayan daw ako) and I’m super touched. While they would often tell me me how I’ve helped and inspired them, they helped and inspire me as well. They often make me smile and laugh too.

Last Sunday I met up with my NF friends for a pizza & pasta lunch date at Amici in Megamall. Good food + Great Friends = Awesome!




After showing off my head (sira ulo hahaha) and how my left fingers and my left foot moves, I discovered a new improvement with my left foot. Those improvements may only seem trivial, but it really means a lot. Showing-off my the “my tricks” is my way of telling people that I really can’t but I CAN, so whatever you are going through, never give up. As long as you try, YOU CAN do it too. I’ll make a separate post about this…soon.

Amici means friends in Italian. We are NF Amici!

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