Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Hearing Review

when my mom told me the date when i'll have my promontory test, i said: "i need to review".. of course i was just kidding, i say that everytime i'm about to undergo a medical test.. but i really reviewed for my promontory test..

first i went to father suarez review center.. joke. i attended father suarez' healing mass at st. jude last january 22 at st. jude parish in mediola.. we weren't able to get inside since the door already closed at around 12 or 1 pm.. i wasn't touched by fr. suarez but i was showered with blessings, literally! since he can't touch all the people outside na, he blessed everyone with holy water and showered everyone with holy water from the veranda.. eh i'm exactly below the veranda near the door lang.. lapit na sana makapasok.. sayang.. but it's ok.. i was really showered with blessings.. while i was being blessed withholy water, i told God: "Lord i just need some blessings, these are too many.. i'll just share it with others.. my 2 grandmas.. my friends.. my relatives.. my friendsters.. contacts in multiply, facebook, etc." hahaha! seriously, that's what i was thinking that time while the crowd are having a commotion because everyone wants to be blessed with holy water.. eh i can't hear eh.. so i don't really mind the noise except for the pushing.. that was a tiring day! but it's all worth it..

I bought a cake!

i had my electroaudiometry (promontory) test this morning.. it will define what device would be use, is itcochlear implant or ABI.. few years ago, my doctors told me that cochlear won't work for an NF2 patient like me.. true! but i never lose hope.. i know i'll be able to hear again.. not that i haven't accepted the fact that i'm deaf and it can be forever.. but there's still hope.. ah basta! and then i read about ABI (aditory brainstem implant).. and as they say, the rest is history.. hahaha. i was sooo happy.. as in!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

God is super duper great!

we just got home from dbtc alumni homecoming coz we had a booth provided for us to sell the hEAR shirts.. thanks to sir dan, sir nap, sir joey and bicc.. pero syempre thanks to madie! kasi madie used to work @ bicc, etc. etc. etc. o diba? everything has a reason talaga.. it's so nice to look back then u'll see the connection of every detail in your life.. everything has a reason talaga.. reasons pa nga eh.. sabi ko nga, life is like friendster connect-connect lang.. haha! hay nako! basta ang saya lang.. tapos God has reasons

Saturday, January 26, 2008


this is what's written in my WHITEBOARD right now..

Jan26 - DBTC Alumni Homecoming (sell hEAR shirts)

Jan28 - DBS Fair (hEAR)

Jan29 - Electroaudiometry Test (Promontory Test)
Manila Doctors

Jan31 - La Consolacion Manila (hEAR)

January31 - Father Suarez' Healing Mass
Divine Mercy

Feb1 - CHS Fair (hEAR)
Feb3 - CHS Alumni Homecoming (hEAR)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chochlear or ABI? That is the question.

I'll be having my promontory testing (as recommended by dr. brackman or HEI) on Thursday at manila doctor's hospital.. it's the first step.. woohoo! this is it.. i'll be hearing the world! :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm glad to be a sick pinoy!

yes the facilities and stuffs are more advance in other countries.. then what made me say that?

eh kasi.. read on..

while i was browsing blogs & profiles of others sick people (mostly from other countries) from DailyStrength or wherever, i notice that they don't received that much care from their family.. there's love, support & concern, but not much of care.. iba talaga ang pinoy! ang yabang ba? that's my opinion lang.. kasi if they have a sick relative, they would hire someone (a nurse or a caregiver) to attend to the needs of their sick relative so that they could continue with their lives.. or send the to a nursing home.. even their old peeps naman diba? tapos when they are confined in the hospital, they leave everything to the doctors & nurses and leave the patient behind.. here in the philippines overnight galore in the hospital room! haha! i remembered when i was still in the hospital, i hate it when i'm left alone in my room, though my mom or whoever i'm with is just in the nurse' station or just outside the room.. basta i don't wanna ba left alone.. ayoko lang.. ayun nga.. i really felt everyone's care.. not just words like "take care" or "i care for you" i feel a lots of love, support and CARE!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let's make memories!

i went out my h.s. barkada last friday night.. unfortunately, pau didn't make it.. sayang! she was suppose to show off her very preggy tummy to us.. hehe. lheeyah, kokie and jenny picked me from our house (nah.. just in pag-asa) around 10pm.. of course my yaya accompanied me.. yaya talitha! hahaha! :)) we went to serendra in the fort.. stroll.. picture here there

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mama - il divo

thanks tita yam!

Mama, thank you for who I am
Thank you for all the things I'm not
Forgive me for the words unsaid
For the times I forgot

Real Thing - Kalapana

Here comes the night
Once again
I'll be feeling lonely
Oh, if only things could work out like you plan
Where can love be
Tell me why it's so hard to find somebody
Who will stand by me
And take the time to understand
And show me love again

I want the real thing
Or nothing at all

Friday, January 18, 2008

Why am i so positive?

ewan ko nga ba?

You First Believe - Hoku

one of my fave song.. syempre number 1 pa din ang Real Thing by Kalapana! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Miracle? Just believe.

i'm so excited to go to fr. fernando suarez' healing mass on january 31.. why? feel ko lang bakit ba?;P
that pic was taken by maro during fr. suarez' healing mass at sancuario de san antonio in 2006.. i was so weak then.. i look so sick.. i got a very huge moon face (c/o the steroids i'm taking for the swelling of tumors).. basta i look like KAWAWA talaga!

but look at me now..

2008 is God's time for me! woohoo!

this is an email to one of my NFF kat soriano.. i just wanna post it here.. ang haba eh.. sayang.. :P enjoy!
hello kat! katukayo! kwento ko lang sinasabi kong 2008 ang "God's time" for me.. mahaba kasi d kasya sa text message.. :

i like going to healing masses.. feel ko eh.. may nagcomment pa nga sakin before na "bakit punta ka ng punta sa mga healing mass na yan? gumagaling ka ba?" ang pessisimist noh? i may not be fully well pero feel ko nman na gumagaling ako.. maybe not physically.. pero emotionally and spiritually..

Sunday, January 13, 2008

tag from mommycool

tagged by my dear nff mommycool

1. How long have you been blogging?
*i started blogging in may 2003.. but kept that blog private and launched another personal blog in april 2005.. but i got a different blog in 2004 along with lea & pau.. ay! i started doing a gya photoblog in 2004 too.. and so on.. basta started in 2003..
2. What inspired you to write a blog and who are your mentors?

Section A

Some of my section A classmates (i'm from section B.. but we're classmates pa din!) from chs payed me a visit & supported my hEAR campaign..

thanks! thanks! thanks!

*the other pics are too dark since our cam is currently malfunctioning plus i look haggard kaya.. :P besides there's only 4 pix nman..

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Year-End Report ba?

thanks to makoy for tagging me.. pinaghirapan ko yan ah..

January - dvd marathon >>> the o.c. , grey's anatomy, desperate housewives

February - pacoy & marie's wedding.. i did the avp for them.. hihi!

March - can't rember na.. therapies lang.. :)

April - visita eglesia withe peeps.. went manaog & lingayen pangasinan.. after 2 years i got to go upstasirs here in our house.. :P

May - MAY birthday project @ pgh & poc.. gya peeps swimming @ cainta..

Monday, January 7, 2008

"In God's Time"

woohoo! it's already 2008! so what? sabi ni Lord 2008 daw.. according to my kwentong beautician (barbero).. hehe. :P
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