Thursday, January 5, 2017


I love NDREI so much!
(Migraine aura is preventing me in finding our last picture together, I have a picture of him in my heart though.)

I wrote about Ndrei Riña in 2014. And I became friends with Ndrei & her mom, Rubi (along with Ndrei’s 2 younger siblings, Eli and Sam). I really admired Ndrei’s Faith in God. Yes, I have a very big FAITH IN GOD and that’s the reason part of the reason why I am amazed with him. A very young boy who is battling a chronic illness is able to have that big and strong Faith. He is still very very cheerful and very positive child despite everything.

And then on September 2016, Ndrei died.

He lost the battle with Liver Disease, but he was able to touch a lot of lives and helped them gain something (a lot of things) from life.

Ndrei may have been gone, but the film NDREI: THE LITTLE WARRIOR IS BORN!

Mommy Rubi shared Ndrei’s amazing, inspirational and touching story and made the script. They were able to start and produce the film by using all that was left o NDrei’s previous medical funds.

Through this film, they’ll be able to share Ndrei’s very inspiring and touching story while raising awareness about the struggles of persons with a deadly Liver Disease, especially on children and how their family and love ones lives with it.

At the same time, the proceeds of this film will benefit a couple of children with Liver Disease (Biliary Atresia).

The film is already completed and fully done.

They need to raise more funds so that they can be able to do a premiere showing of the film so that the MTRCB can be able to review it and that everyone can watch how inspiring Ndrei’s life was by having it shown in cinemas and schools Nationwide.

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