Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Cheerful givers and kind hearts for my cheerful friend who need our help

This is Trisha. Trisha is one of my NF Friends who lives in Bicol. Trisha is a fighter and what I love most about Trisha is her very positive and cheerful personality is still intact despite all of the odds in her life.

This was taken when Trisha visited me at home last year

Trisha has Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) and was diagnosed with sarcoma (malignant tumor) on her right forearm and her right arm, including her hand, got amputated recently. But the cancer cells already spread and reached her lungs. She was already done with 6 cycles of chemotherapy but the cancer keeps spreading and the tumor on her chest got even bigger and she needs to undergo another series of chemotherapy.

Instead of being sad for losing her arm, she cheerfully says, "It's cute!" 
We all know that the cost of any kind of medical treatment is so expensive and it’s not a light matter. Cancer treatment at that. It’s very costly and she and her family are already running out of funds. It’s continuously depleting, and then the money’s gone. It went to chemotherapy sessions, hospitalizations, lots of medicines, oxygen tank and other medical needs.

Trisha was a bit hesitant and shy to ask for help at first, but because she really don’t know anymore where to get money for her much need treatments, she bravely asked one of our NF Friends for help. “Hmmm… Can I ask for your help?” she continues “Borrow sana ako ng any amount pandagdag sa pambili ng meds.” And then these words pinched our hearts:  “Nahihiya ako gurl, but wala na kong matakbuhan.”

People need each other, right? I need you and your kind hearts to help my friend with this battle because she really needs us.

You may send your donations via bank deposit to her BPI account or send it through Cebuana-Lhuillier Pera Padala with her mom as the receiver or you can also deposit it to her mom's BDO account.

Here are the details:

BPI Express
Account name: Trisha Christine Amoroso
Savings Account number: 3929228323

Money transfer (Cebuana-Lhuillier)
Name: Hermosa Esta
Mobile number: ‭(0908) 126 4783‬‬
Address: Block 18 Lot 30 Camella Heights Cararayan Naga City

Savings Account Number:003500030917
Account Name: Hermosa Esta

Savings Account Number:003500030917
Account Name: Hermosa Esta

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