Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Share the Christmas spirit with our distressed "kababayans" on the desert

I got this from Jen Arellano - an angel on the desert ♥

Christmas is just around the corner...Some of us have almost finished on our Christmas list…Some cargo boxes are already sealed and ready to be shipped to loved ones anytime…Some of us had already plan for “the event” – Christmas parties, family reunions, and others already booked for vacation
But Christmas is more than those –

Firming the FAITH of the youth - NYD2011 (Nov17)

Last November 17, 2011, I was invited to be one of the Plenary Speakers on National Youth Day at DBTC Festival Site. When I received the email invite last month, my first reaction was "Wow!" It's really an honor. This is one of God's purpose for me and I would LOVE to be His instruments and share the workssssss He has done on me. ♥

"I shared my story not because I wanted popularity but because I wanted to share myself, my ordeals, my struggles, and the very words and principles that I live by that have given me the inner strength to carry on and to live on and still be with my family, loved ones, and friends."

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anlene Gift-pack for my mom

Last month, I won an Anlene Gift-pack worth P1K from a blog contest by Animetric's World, and I finally claimed it. Thanks to our pet, MOMO, I mean, my cousin Janna.

Janna MOMO Kay Lopez!

Monday, November 21, 2011

KCAT CAN: Baking happy thoughts

I'm always thrilled whenever I get to taste Timmy's oven latest offering, not only because I love eating, but because I'm so amazed with Cathy's perseverance & hard work. Galing!

In 2009, Cathy and I were chatting on the internet about online games (PetSoc days!) and some other random stuffs when she told me that she was bored of bumming around the house when she has no classes to attend to, and wondered about how she could earn money. ....and then...

Baking happy thoughts
by Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza 
Nov 21, 2011

There was a time in my life when I used to bake and sell Christmas brownies to earn extra money to buy gifts for my friends and family. I would look around the metro for cheap yet good quality ingredients for baking, bake and put the brownies in boxes which are sold and personally delivered to customers.

Not only did I earn enough money for my Christmas shopping, I was also able to put a smile on the face of those who taste my baked goodies. I believe that the secret ingredient to baking yummy goodies is the kind of emotion that goes into baking activity. The happiness inside my heart made my brownies taste luscious.

One person who bakes with happy thoughts and happy feelings is Cathy Cansino.

1 movie to go. 1 year of waiting na naman. Naman!

Our own version:

OCD mode. Obsessive Cullen Disorder.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Read. Enjoy. Love. Help.

Just Like Harry Potter, Twilight, and such, The Seven is targeted for Young Adult readers, as well as the kids at heart. Though it doesn't really matter how old you are, if you love fantasy stories, you'll definitely love this book.

Toys for Joy 2011 by Touch of Ellehcar

Touch of Ellehcar Outreach Program started in 2009 by the owner Rachelle Gregorio and some of her close friends. It's their way of giving back all the blessings they have received.
"I do believe that we were all created for a reason. We may have different views of our purpose in life, but in the end, we all agree that we are meant for something or someone in our life.. 
It has been my greatest deeds to share my blessings to other people. Mostly to people whom I don't know or people I haven't heard of. Early in life, I've learned that life is tough so I have to be tough. I experienced hardship along the way, countless trials and excruciating pains. I endured all of this with the help of people who cheered me up, guided me and lead me to the right direction to where I am right now. If not for them, my life should have ended on different path.
I knew that I have moral obligations to share the blessings that I have. Same what other people have done to me when I was in need through those difficult times in my life.
Now I am living on this principle of sharing my blessings. I may have not much monetary fund to share, but my knowledge and expertise can also be shared to others. It is only up to us how we are going to give back all the things that we have today for the benefit of those people that needed it most. This is my way of being happy through giving happiness to other people."

Rachelle Gregorio

Monday, November 7, 2011

KCAT CAN: There's truth in fantasy

There's truth in fantasy
by Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza 
November 7, 2011

Credence is to believe and to trust the truth about something. It is that on which our faith lies.

I am not really an avid reader of fantasy books, but once I start reading one, I always feel like I am being transported into a world of make-believe, mesmerized, and never letting go of the book until I finish reading it down to the last page.

It was fun reading “The Seven: The Key of Credence,’’ a book that made me feel like a teenager again. I can definitely relate to the youthful curiosity and love of adventure of the main character Ryan Trish and her friends.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Seven on November 7

First of five books. The Key of Credence tells us about Ryan and her friends and how their simple curiosity brought forth a multitude of problems to them. This book lets the readers experience an entirely new and different world—one that involves the Heavens and the Helles, and most of all—it shows how the humans themselves and how the innate goodness of their souls can create a huge difference on just about everything. (Facebook Fan Page)

The author, Veronica Mist  reached my heart not only with a beautiful story that she wrote but with her helping hands as well. Read it on my column, KCAT CAN - Monday (November 7) on Manila Bulletin (Students & Campuses section).

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The Seven - The Key to Credence
Veronica Mist
The Key to Credence on
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