Sunday, July 24, 2016

It's bcoz... WHY NOT?!

Why am I so strong? Why am I so brave? Why am I still a happy & cheerful person despite the not so good things that's happening in my life? Why am I so confident about myself? Why am I able to laugh at myself? Why am I full of positivity? Why do I find it easy to move on with my life?

Why? Why? Why?

Ever since whenever (even before I was diagnosed with NF2 in 2004), I often encounter these questions and people would complement how brave and strong I am and that I have a very a positive outlook towards life.

While smiling, I would alwaya answer: “Ganon talaga.” (that's how it really is) or “Why not?” Haha.

Now I realize that my Faith has been working since then. Faith in myself, Faith in others and of course, Faith in GOD.

And now I totally get it, this is the reason why I have a very big and very strong FAITH today. Wow. Wow. Wow. Thank you Lord!

• I am strong because God is the strongest.

• I am brave because God is at my back, in front of me, my left-side and right-side, above me and below me. He is all over me, protecting me.

• I always feel so good because God is so great. He is the greatest!

• I am able to face these challenges because I am not doing it alone. I am surrounded with awesome people and of course, an awesome God.

• I am always ready because God already prepared me before I was born.

• I am a fighter because God is with me in all of my battles.

• I am a cheerful person because God is always making me happy!

• Amazing things are happening in my life because an amazing God is doing it.

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