Saturday, March 9, 2019


Weeks ago we went to my neurosurgeon and had CT Scan of the brain to check if something’s wrong with my “tambay” brain tumors because I’ve been having headaches and my weak left leg became even weaker. So instead of my yearly CT Scan & check-up in May, it was done 3 months earlier.

Tadaaa! Three brain tumors increased in size and the tumor somewhere on the cerebrum tentorium that’s located somewhere in the middle of the brain that’s about 3-4 cm is symptomatic and needs immediate treatment via Fractionated Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (FSRT).

Headache while sleeping & upon waking up.Headache whenever & wherever. The inside of my head feels so hot. There are times when somewhere inside of my head would suddenly shake with pain and then I would cringe. I would feel like falling and my left leg would jerk & kick. That happens when my eyes are closed, while I am sleeping or while I’m seated and resting.

My weak left leg got even weaker. It’s really hard to take a step. I can’t do my walking exercises anymore. It’s so hard to control my left leg & foot. Sometimes, it suddenly stiffens and I suddenly can’t control it.

When I’m looking straight ahead, I can’t really see what’s on my right-side. It’s like it turns into gradient-black effect.

I keep on drooling. My saliva-production is unlimited. Haha. It’s hard to chew my food. My dentist already fixed my teeth but what really worsens it is my swallowing. It’s hard. Food won’t enter my throat at once. Most of the foo
ds that I eat just gets stuck around my mouth. Most of the foods that came in my mouth would come out from my mouth too – pieces by pieces.

All of these were not caused by only one tumor, nut one tumor really needs to be treated. The most symptomatic one and of course it’ll costs A LOT.

That’s a lot of “problems”, right? But instead of focusing on our problems, let’s focus on the solution in its place.

Though the solution for it costs almost half a million pesos for just one tumor.

Why radiation? Because it’s hard to be removed. And I’ve gone through a lot of ope- head brain surgeries too.

The FSRT needs to be started soon.
How soon is soon? In a week or two.

I don’t really want to  ask for people’s hard-earned money that is why I would sell something that I created (with my heart & brain) to raise funds for my medical needs but  this time I can’t really do that because of some  things, hurdles and limitations. This is why I am knocking at the doors of your heart. Every cent counts, right? I’m not sure if you need me but I NEED YOU.

You can donate any amount on my bank account. Remember, there’s no big or small in helping. Help is help and helping doesn’t only come in the form of money.  You can also help me and be with me by spreading this post and sharing this with everyone. You can pray with me. And you can just be there, cheering for me. Put in mind that I am someone who really appreciates even the smallest act of kindness & sincerity given by others and I am very grateful to God for making me this way.

BDO (Banco De Oro)
SM Megamall Branch
Account name: Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza
Savings Acct Number: 00 02 809 824 88
BPI Express
Savings Account # 1899 394 7 51
Name: Maria Kathrina L. Yarza

After the treatment, I also want to start with rehabilitation therapy again so that I can exercise, practice walking and regain my strength back and then I will be able to say “I’m feeling & doing goof despite all the odds” again, And then I’ll be back to being OK na OK na OK na OK na OK and continue with fighting and winning this battle because Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a continuous & very unpredictable battle.

In the end, I still believe that GOD is in control and I thank Him for using me.
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