Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hey friends! There are only a limited number of tickets for the LISTEN WITH A HEALTHY HEART Benefit dinner event.. So get your tickets now for P1,500 and have fun & be happy with us.. Payments are accepted thru gcash or thru bank and we'll have it sent right at your doorstep free of charge.. limited number of tickets are available, order now and hEAR me with your hEARt

RCBC Savings Bank
Account Number: Savings Acct. 1-060-03568-4
RCBC Savings Bank Kalentong Branch, Mandaluyong City

GCASH: 09063360757

Please contact my mom at:
Madge Yarza - 09272459400

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Listen with a healthy hEARt

Finally! After a long period of finalizing the details, I can already post the full details..

I, together with my mom is organizing a benefit benefit birthday (my birthday is on May 13) dinner on May 14.. Thanks for the help of some of my friends & relatives, we did it!

I always wanted to organize a fund raising event.. i can't but I CAN, right? My goal for this event is: 'everyone should be happy'.. Happy tummy because of the delicious foods.. Happy spirit because of the fun during the event.. Happy soul because you help someone & be a blessing to me.. and of course HAPPY faces because we're all happy happy joy joy! Yey!

There's always HOPE

Cheska needs our love

Please visit

We met Cheska & her mom, Ate Barbara in June 2009 at Philippine Orthopedic Center.. She was having her rehabilitation that time due to neurofibroma operation on one of her legs.. But... The tumor has grown bigger (twice as large a a heart) & it was malignant so she suffered from a lot of complications and is now fighting for her life.. My mom and I feel sad for Cheska, but nothing will happen if we'll just continue being sad for her.. So we'll help them with what we CAN.. I made a site for Cheska and designed button pins so that they could sell it and raise funds for Cheska's medication.. Every cent counts right? I'm not sure when my mom will go our supplier to have the pins made, I'll just update & post as soon as it's done.. But we can help Cheska in whatever way we can & prayer is the biggest weapon.. Prayer moves mountain..

Friday, April 2, 2010

Another Katrina needs your help

I saw this on my mom's wall in facebook..

Good day!

This is Katrina Tolentino Cruz, graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing Batch March 2009 of Perpetual Help College of Manila.

I didn’t expect that this will happen to me. I was diagnosed with APLASTIC ANEMIA last August 2009. Everything seemed to be normal when I was in college… studies, duties, enjoying life with my family, friends, classmates, and loved ones. But then, when I entered 4th year college, I thought that would be more exciting because graduation was coming. We had enjoyed our hospital duties, more special areas like OR (Operating Room), DR (Delivery Room), ER (Emergency Room) and more. But then, it was not perfect than I expected, I noticed that my stamina was going low. I grew tired easily. I gradually feel headache, dizziness, and my lips and conjunctiva were really pale. I was having a hard time to climb the stairs. I thought it was just on my mind that I was weaker. I also noticed some bruises appearing in some parts of my body - legs, arms, and knees. Then, one time, when we were in our hospital duty, I had dizziness, cold clammy skin and I almost lost my consciousness. We were thinking that it was a simple hypoglycemia. Maybe, it was a sign of Aplastic Anemia. Until, Graduation Day and Pin and Ring Ceremony came, I really feel great because at last I had finished my course and I can now enter another chapter of life.

I decided to take the Nursing Licensure Examination June 2009. I seriously took our in-house review. I and my friends stayed and studied in the library everyday. We shared our ideas and we had brainstorming. But then, I suddenly felt that the symptoms were getting worse, so my family and I decided to have a CBC (Complete Blood Count). All blood counts were below normal. “Maybe, it’s Aplastic Anemia! Lord, please, hope it’s not.” I told myself. Then, the day of the board exam came. I was quite nervous, and can’t concentrate because of what I was experiencing - headache and dizziness. I can’t back out because everything was ready so I took the risk.

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