Friday, February 29, 2008

Personality Test

You are a natural performer and can easily bring laughter and merriment to even the most serious moment. You are happiest when your home is filled with people who are all having a good time, particularly when you are the direct source of the merriment.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Epal ako!

i am cleaning my 'bookmarks folder' when i saw this.. super research kasi kami ng mom ko about ABI not so long ago.. next time ako naman babasahin nyo.. feeling!!! :P hahaha!

wala lang.. epal lang.. i wanna post the url lang kasi i'll delete it na.. remembrance ba.. :P

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Art ahCHING!

1st masterpiece ni batching from our photoshop tutorial ek-ek namin.. akalain mo nga naman! tinuruan ko sya.. wala pang rinigan yan ha.. hahaha! :))

Monday, February 25, 2008

My mo's letter for my surgery on march 10

this is the updated version of this..

I am writing in behalf of my 24-year old daughter Maria Kathrina Yarza (Kcat).Almost four years have past after Kcat was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2)a very rare genetic disease. Neurofibromatosis Type II) is an inherited disease. The main manifestation of the disease is the development of symmetric, non-malignant brain tumours in the region of the cranial nerve VIII, which is the auditory-vestibular nerve that transmits sensory information from the inner ear to the brain. Most people with this condition also experience problems in their eyes. NF II is caused by mutations of the "Merlin" gene which probably influences the form and movement of cells. The principal treatments consist of neurosurgical removal of the tumors and surgical treatment of the eye lesions. There is no therapy for the underlying disorder of cell function caused by the genetic mutation.


***kelangan magpa-color din pala ako ng hair.. :P

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'll hear

Moved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes; and immediately they regained their sight and followed Him.
Matthew 20:30

rochelle shared me this quote the other day.. ay oo! talaga!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Cool kCAT

i'm kCAT.. but i'm not really fond of cats.. but i love pictures of cats.. basta cat design.. weeh!:P

i was tagged and given an award by the cool mommycool who's also acoolcat kahit di cat name nya.. cool tita leonore! y not?!

i also giving this to ysiad.. ay, namis ko si mimi.. sya lang nagustuhan kong cat.. kahit paapanssin minsan.. :P musta na kaya yon? i'm also giving this to camille (thaanks for the pasaalubongssss), summer who's my regular visitor (syempre here in my blog), and ang aking ina..

thanks mommycool! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

February Babies

Timothy John Odulio Cansino


Angela Cassandra Ortigas Gamez


Lyric Uriel Aquino Aniag


March 10.. Gimme Money! :P

mark your calendars.. my tentative schedule for surgery given by my dr. is march 10.. grabe! it's so near na.. it's still tentative though.. we'll still finalize everything on the coming days.. i'm just so happy that my surgery has a scheduled (tentative nga!) date already.. dun na rin punta non.. :P dra. chiong even ordered her secretary to book the operating room on march 10.. ang saya diba? and yes! i'll be having cochlear implant! woohoo! my hearing tests are all positive.. i would benefit from CI! i was really rooting for ABI since CI won't work on deaf NF2 patients like me, that's why ABI was born.. basta just google it nalang to understand it clearly.. :P basta it means, i won't be having another open brain surgery.. galing diba?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Your Trash CAN Help 4 Lives

February 17, 2008
My family and I are appealing to your good heart to help us in our time of dire need. I, my two brothers and sister, for reasons that defy medical explanation have all been diagnosed with a very rare genetic disease called Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2). NF2 is characterized by the development of non-cancerous tumors in the region of the cranial nerve VIII, which is the auditory-vestibular nerve that transmits sensory information from the inner ear to the brain. Depending on the location, the tumors can affect control, balance, speech, eye movements, facial sensations and most importantly, hearing. Although there is no cure for NF2, the tumors can be surgically removed to stop them from further affecting our health.


2 down, 1 to go..
Cathie and Pau became a mommy this week..
NEXT: Maan

ang saya lang.. 3 crying babies maririnig ko.. :P

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Out of Boredom (still)

i changed my background of my friendster profile..

from this:

to this:

it's still purple (syempre!) and circles.. sorry, i'm so bored! :P


when boredom strikes! blame the very slow internet connection..

Friday, February 15, 2008


i was tagged again by mommycool..

ang kulit!

eto pa..

6 Quirky Things daw

i was tagged by mommycool..
thanks! thanks! i saw the meme just now..

1. i always bring a mini flashlight.. so that i could still read lips even in dark places.. especially in the car by night time..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Timothy John

he's the first nephew within the lopez group of cousins.. hehe. parang company lang..

congrats moises & cathie!

coming soon.. pacoy & marie's baby.. pau & pao's baby.. woohoo!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hindi ako bingi, tahimik lang!

who said i'm deaf? i'm just too tired to use my ears and listen.. may ganon?

hahaha! seriously, sometimes i forget that i'm deaf.. there are times when i thought that a certain situation i'm in is the reason why i'm not hearing anything.. baliw eh! hehe.

while i was watching t.v.:
i thought: "ay siguro kaya di ko marinig kasi naka-shades pa ko"
i removed my shades
i still can't hear the tv..
i realized, i'm deaf pala!


Bek-bek is now Buli

wala lang.. tinutukso lng namin si maro.. ang bad noh?

siya ay may mumps nung december kaya sya si bek-bek..
ngayon may chicken pox naman siya kya sa si buli..


in faairneesss maipag siya pag maay sakit. heheehe.

Oh Yes!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


i'll be appearing in gma7 this time.. i was interviewed this morning by dra. beltran of kapwa ko mahal ko.. it will air on saturday morning, 6am at gma7.. so early noh? good thing we really need to be awake by that time on saturday coz we'll be selling hEAR shirts at the salesian past pupils' homecoming at dbti on saturday.. then i'll wake up ysiad coz she'll be recording it.. hehe. special mention! :P

anyway, before the camera started rolling, i asked my mom what will i say? she said: "of course about your sickness" then i asked her: "what am i sick of?" adik! then i remembered yeah i'm sick pala! :P seriously, i really forgot that i am SICK.. it's super funny.. hehe. i'm aware that i got nf2.. but i see it as a part of me lang.. parang wala lang.. eh it affected me big time pala.. hehe. ay basta i'm so praning! :P

regarding my interview.. i summarized everything.. it'll be too long if i told every detail eh.. basta kung ano man yun.. watch me nalang at kapwa ko mahal ko on saturday, 6am at gma7.. aga talaga!

I'm a Coke drinker..

...but i like this new Pepsi TVC because it's captioned. hehe. :P

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Friday, February 1, 2008

CI vs. ABI

Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) causes bilateral hearing loss due to tumour growth in the cerebellopontine angle. We report the results of promontory testing and transtympanic electrocochleography on subjects with deafness due to NF2 referred for an auditory brainstem implant. All 19 ears tested revealed loss of cochlear microphonics. Nine ears (mainly without previous treatment) revealed auditory perception during promontory stimulation, indicating cochlear deafness. One of these subjects has been successfully provided with a cochlear implant. The other 10 ears (mainly after previous surgery) revealed negative promontory stimulation, indicating additional retrocochlear deafness. These findings indicate that neurofibromas initially cause a cochlear deafness, so that a cochlear implant can be used if the auditory nerve can be preserved. This option has to be considered in rehabilitating patients with bilateral tumours due to NF2.

btw, i'll be the first filipino (asian actually.. hihi) nf2 patient to receive a cochlear implant coz normally, it's ABI.. :)

You're so kind.. Thank you!

i love checking my statcounter ever since.. i normally get 5 - 10 visitors a day though.. i enjoy the keywoard analysis alot coz a lot of weird keywords are being searched.. haha! i wonder sometimes why those search engines directs them to me..

when i startedthe hEAR campaign my visitors increase from 10 to20 a day.. even 30..

and then came News Central, Probe, & Y-Speak.. aba! aba! ang dami..

my keyword analysis are mostly: kcat, hear, t-shirt, kathrina yarza, kcat probe, kcat y-speak, kcat news central, kcat nf2 blog, and so on.. though just recently a lot of people are searching for fr. suarez and google directs them to my blog.. hehe.

a lot of people are searching for me.. nice huh? ang galing!

but the best part is the 'Came From' tab.. grabeh! i was super duper touched.. wow a lot of people are spreading the word and helping me.. it's so amazing!

here are some of the links i discovered:
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