Monday, April 23, 2018

You are PWD unfriendly, Fisher Mall!

I decided not to make my unlove letter to Fisher Mall anymore because  DON'T LIKE HATE and I choose ACTION instead.

My mom tried filing a complaint to Fisher Mall management the next day. To no avail...WALA!
Sunday we went back to Fisher Mall for the second day event.My mom went to the ladies’ CR to look for the janitress who helped us and sign as witness to the photos we took inside the cubicle. But she referred my mom to a person from an admin office representative.
According to Ms. Jendrean Lo, a Tenant Relations Officer, that wide door cubicle is intended for PWD, but my mom reitererated, how can you say it's for PWD? Not a single railing inside? Then Ms. Lo said "Mam sa ibang floors po may pwd CR"
All floors must have PWD CR, and to think that 4th floor is where their events hall are. 
So we filed a complaint directly to National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) and here's the draft of my letter.

Dear NCDA,


Last April 21, 2018, I have learned that Fisher Mall in Quezon City is PWD unfriendly because it hurt my feelings and hurt my mom’s lower back / spine. I am a PWD, my mom is a PWD – both of us have orthopedic disability.

We went to Fisher Mall to watch the National Open & Age Group Raw Powerlifting completion that was held on the event hall on the mall’s 4th floor. While watching the event, I told my mom that I need to pee and asked her to bring me to the toilet. Luckily, my dad was there to push my wheelchair because the toilet is a bit far from the event hall and since my mom uses a cane to walk, it’ll be hard for her to push my wheelchair alone. So we reached the toilet area. There is no PWD toilet. Good thing there’s a designated cubicle for PWD. Good thing? Or so I thought.

Since it is a women’s toilet, my dad can’t go inside so it was only me and my mom and that’s alright because she’s been assisting me in a PWD toilet for years and it’s not that hard since there are bars that we can hold on to that helps us in keeping our balance. 

With a flat wall and nothing to hold on to except my frail mother. We were looking around and tried to figure out how I can transfer from the wheelchair to the toilet bowl. We really can’t think of any easy way, we still can’t figure it out and I want to pee already. Bahala na! 

While I was transferring to the toilet bowl, the lower part of my left leg kind of hit my wheelchair. I have a big tumor inside it and although it doesn’t really hurt, that legs reacts and jerks every time that happens. It happened and fortunately it happened when I was about to sit on the bowl.

And so I have to transfer from the toilet bowl to the wheelchair. My mom lifted me up again. My left leg felt so weak and I can feel my mom’s brittle bones and I was afraid to hold on to tighten my hold on her brittle bone. I tried holding on to the flat wall but it just slipped. We were about to fall and then my mom pushed me on the wheelchair so that I won’t land on the floor. I was slouched on the wheelchair, my butt on the air, only my hips up to my back were touching the wheelchair, I haven’t wore my underwear and shorts yet and the worst part is, my mother’s hips, back and spine were aching. Thankfully, the janitress was on standby outside the cubicle’s door when my mom opened it to ask for help because I was still slouched and hanging on the wheelchair without underwear and shorts.

Because of their lack of sensitivity and concern for the PWDs, my mom’s weak bones that are often in pain became weaker and she need to undergo rehabilitation therapy.

Also, the so-called PWD cubicle is not big enough. The wheelchair can’t navigate properly.

***pwd door***

If this happened to us, how about the other PWDs who will be using that so-called PWD toilet cubicle? The management kept saying that there are the PWD toilets on the other floor levels? And why not on the 4th floor then? I don’t think it’s not that hard to attach bars on the toilet wall that the PWDs can hold on to.

I am really looking forward for you to take action and investigate on this. It’s not only for my sake or my mom but for the PWDs who will also use that toilet in the future.

Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza

We are also filing a complaint against the Fisher Mall Management for my Mom's injury.
I depend a lot on her since I am partially paralyzed, totally deaf and half blind.  And her mobility after that incident is quite restricted now. What if I fell from my wheelchair during that incident?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Today was my most awaited night

Like always, Michelle & Kathreen had a joint birthday celebration and sponsored our KAINAN SA LABAS NG BAHAY dinner. It’s something we really enjoyed doing since we we’re kids. Our first salu-salo dinner sa labas ng bahay was tuyo. 

Going back, so we had dinner a few hours ago and I was really amazed with what I saw. Yes SAW! I saw the food and things on the table. I saw the utensils. I saw their faces. I saw their gestures. I saw their moving lips. I saw the foods on my plate. I saw this. I saw that. My vision is still kinda blurry but I SAW.

Since last year, whenever we would eat outside the house with friends and/or family, I would always complain that it’s too dark and I can’t recognize the people & the food especially the food on my plate so after eating, as I say, I’ll just “eat and run” and go inside the house once I would finished eating and there were times that I chose not to come outside and have then bring the plate with food to me. It’s really annoying so instead of staying annoyed, I choose ti come where the bright light is.

“Wala naman akong masyadong nakikita kaya papasok nalang ako sa bahay.” 
“Papasok na ko kasi magku-kwento pa ko sa blog.”

Teacher Michelle's creamy carbonara na masarap

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