Thursday, August 30, 2007


UNDERKCAT is back! wooohooo! it's been a week since i thought my blog was missing.. i really dunno what happened.. i panicked because my account suddenly disappeared.. every time i logged in, it says there's no such.. then when i go to my link, it says: page not found.. so, i emailed support a lot of times.. makulit kung makulit! i keep on telling them that this blog is so important to me, etc.. etc.. but i never stop visiting the link.. i've been seeing the Page Not Found a lot of times a day.. until this morning, i went to betty's blog to post my new blog link in her shoutout box.. then i clicked duh TumoRaider from her duhBloggers links.. and i was so surprised to see my old blog.. i can't believe it, my blog's really back! so i type the link again in other browser and there it is again.. my blog! woohoo! i was so happy! happy! joy! joy!

don't worry, i won't abandon this new blog.. i'll cross-post everything i'll be writing in UNDERKCAT..

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dra. Chiong

i have a latest addition to the number of doctors i have.. parang collection eh noh? hahaha! credits to Medical Observer website for the pic..

neway, i'll be having 2 hearing tests on friday.. wish me luck! i'll just b;og about it on friday.. 'til then!

Monday, August 27, 2007

I've Moved on

OK, i'm ready to blog again.. i've been so sad these past few days.. my old blogger account ( suddenly disappeared without notice.. I was so sad.. i even cried.. parang break-up lang.. hehe. we've been together for four years.. boypren! haha! i've been writing there most of my sentiments and experience as an NF2 patient.. hayy! whenever i read my old posts and remember what i've gone through, it really motivates me to continue fighting and keep the positive spirit.. this is so sad.. i was really affeted by what happened.. but i'm not letting continue to affect me.. it's just a blog.. i just wrote it.. what's important is what i felt and how it help me become a stronger person.. plus, i even touched lives (sana nga)..

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I miss You

i miss my blog ( hope it comes back soon.. baka nag-travel? hehe.
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