Friday, May 2, 2008

You helped Kathrina. Let's also help KATRINA

This is Kathrina

and this is KATRINA

Who is KATRINA? I have no idea until Kuya John PM'd me in multiply..

Cochlear Implant for our 2 yr old daughter
hi, we have a 2 year old daughter named Katrina, she was diagnose with no hearing on both ears, and was recommended to have a cochlear implant. We were astound by its price, and we knew right there and then that we could not afford it. So how did you do it? how did you raised fund for your CI? hope you can enlighten us with this...we just don't know where to start....please do email me at hoping for your immediate reply.
I immediately replied, told my usual story telling (eh I'm madaldal eh.. haha!) about my journey to hearing (I'll hear the noise of the world real soon!), i shared my optimism (if I did it, they can do it as well!) and I offered my help.. Not financially of course (eh I'm currently raising funds too) but I'll join them in their journey (Lakwatsera eh! haha!)

I dunno much about Katrina and what her story is but I immediately decided that I would help. Maybe because we have the same name? Hehe. I just felt that I want her to hear the world as well.. I know she'll be able to hear.. soon!

Katrina is the youngest and only daughter of Kuya John and Ate Karen (they have 2 other sons, Kyle who's 8y/o and Justin who's 5y/o).. They really prayed for a girl to be their 3rd and last child since Ate Karen is already ligated, after giving all three births in a ceasarian section. God answered their prayers and gave Katrina. Years has passed and they assumed everything was normal until they noticed that she was not speaking or uttering any single word. They found out that our daughter has no hearing on her right and a profound hearing on the left.
Katrina is a candidate for Cochlear Implant and the price of a CI is so expensive. As i have said in my hearyeah site, it costs 1million pesos plus plus plus (kaching! kaching!)
(click to enlarge)
I know God will provide.. But of course we have to move our feet so that He could guide our steps.. ;)

Let's help Katrina and spread the word!

You could send your donations to:
Metrobank Branch
Pasong Tamo Extension
Account Name: John Rambongga
Account Number: 634-3634-096869

P.S. They are currently thinking of a fund raiser to help them in accumulating the (big) amount of CI.. I'll let you know (of course).. If you have an idea for a fund raiser, you can also suggest them.. You could email:



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