Sunday, May 11, 2008


for sure my mom will be reading my blog.. so i need to greet her:

Happy Mother's Day
to my Mom and to all the mothers in the world!

here's the blog entry dated September 9, 2006 which i dedicate to my mom.. post ko lang uli..

Ina Mo

it's not her birthday.. it's not mother's day either.. but i'm writing about my mom..

senti mode muna ha.. haha.

i'm not really expressive until i became deaf.. i always express how i feel.. wala lang. feeling ko i need to let it out.. so, yun nga, i always tell the person how i feel for him/her..

so now, my mom naman..

i really really am grateful for my mom.. she's the one who takes care of me.. so if i finally got better, it's because of my mom.. i'm getting better na nga eh.. i don't feel weak anymore.. basta i'll be fully well soon!

back to my mom.. actually, she's also sick.. she is diagnosed with SLE (systematic lupus erythematosus).. a sick person taking care of another sick person.. galing noh? of course, it's amazing talaga as what dr. lopez said.. but that amazing thing is for another entry.. coming soon.. back to my mom uli.. syempre, like any other son/daughter, i've been my mom's pain in the ass din.. i've been a disobeying child naman.. i come home late at night making my mom worry.. or sometimes a lot of times pala, i come home the next day na.. and i've done a lot of disobeying stuffs normal teenager does.. normal nga ba yun? maybe, i've took my mom for granted at times.. not considering her with my decisions.. i'm not really regretting the things i've done wrong.. it's done na eh.. naisip ko lng siya.. you know naman, i really got a lot of time thinking about stuffs.. back ulit to my mom.. hehe. actually, she's not around the house right now.. she's confined in the hospital coz her immune system has really dropped and her blood is very low.. so she was advised by her doctor to rest in the hospital.. coz when she's at home, she really does a lot, abusing her body and always tiring it.. she takes care of me na nga.. syempre i got a brother and sister pa.. so she takes care of them too.. she's doing a lot of household chores pa.. if there's a superman, there's also a superwoman.. my mom's a superwoman.. mali.. talitha's our superwoman pala.. hehe. so supermom nalang! i'm really proud of her.. galing! the doctors salutes her nga eh.. then her doctor told her residents that my mom is her best lupus patient.. oo naman! then my doctor told her that daig niya pa yung ibang doctors coz they have no idea about my neurofibromatosis. my mom knows a lot about it..

actually, i'm home alone right now.. not really. i'm with my lola and our maid pala.. i just don't have my parents around.. and also my bro and sis pala.. syempre my mom's in the hospital with my sis.. and my dad's in batangas with my bro.. no parents? that's what most kids like.. but not me.. hehe. actually, my dad's taking care of me right now since my mom's not around.. he just went to batangas.. but he'll arrive din later.. my mom left me to my dad's care with reminders posted around the house.. we we're joking nga that my mom's the consultant and my dad's the resident doctor in the house.. hehe. my lola? she's the nurse assistant naman.. haha.

my mom's coming home tomorrow.. yey! and she still need a lot of rest.. i told her nga dapat when she comes home all she has to do is eat, sleep, cook (my mom's cooking is the the best in the world daw sabi ni maro) and take care of me if she likes.. mag-computer pa pala.. haha. she needs to get better coz i'm getting better na.. para pareho na kmeng magaling! para happy na! yey!

i miss my mom.. her home cook meals which i really enjoy eating.. kaya siguro ako tumaba ng ganito.. hehe. we often talk about the things thats happening around.. telling me the chikas (even tsismis.. haha) so that i'll still be aware of what's happening.. i miss her.. drama ko noh? parang batang iniwan ng ina.. oo nga.. hehe. it's ok. it's for the better naman & she'll be home soon..

drama ko noh? :P

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