Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Yes! My Cochlear Implant will be activated tomorrow at 11am in PGH (PNEI).. I'm so excited! I know you're excited for me as well.. So instead of crossing our fingers, let's put our hands in prayer position.. Pray for me ah! Thanks! Thanks!

I'm also excited for tomorrow-tomorrow.. That's on May17.. Hehe. It's MAY Birthday Project! Yey! We already started packing the gifts.. And the gifts keep on coming.. Dami! Ang saya!

In the evening naman is my birthday and hearing celebration here at our house.. Woohoo! I wish it would stop raining na..
Anyway, I made tags for my lootbags, toys, party favors (I'm fond of giving lollipops eh) and nametag (for those who'll join the pgh gift-giving..

tag for the stuffed toys
it's supposed to be from kcat & maro,
eh kawawa naman si ta kaya join na rin name nya!

for the other toys and loot bag

name tag

tag for my party favor.. lollipop!

oh dba super ka-excite! :)


  1. I am sure you had/ you'll have fun, giving out those gifts hahaha (Nalilito lang po ako sa date lols)

  2. my gift-giving was moved to may24.. for sure it'll be lot of fun.. thanks! :)


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