Saturday, May 24, 2008

25 years of life!

Yey! MAY Birthday is over.. We were able to give gifts to Ward 9 (pedia), 11 (pedia), 6 (neurosurgery) & Pedia ICU.. I'm sooooo happy! I felt a lot of contentment again.. When we were done giving out the gifts, I kept on insisting that we have to have a group picture..

Ang saya kasi eh! I always say, I may not be able to smile, but I'm happy.. Super happy! Even though my vision is kinda blurry and it's difficult to see from afar, I can still recognize the smile on their faces and it really really brings so much joy whenever I see it. Every ward was filled with smiling faces, both the giver and the receiver.. Ang saya! Promise.

I was super touched when Kenneth handed me his letter while we were giving gifts..

Kenneth is in the pedia ward for 3 years now.. He's also one of the patients there when we had our 1st gift-giving event last year.. He's suffering from Morquio syndrome. He's staying in the hospital because he needs to be attached to the ventilator 24/7.

I was really really touched upon reading Kenneth's letter.. with artwork pa! :) Ang saya magpasaya!

I also met Gian, he's only 2years old when he drank a bottle of liquid sosa toilet cleaner.. The grown-ups left the liquid sosa on the table and the innocent child played and drank it.. Tsk. He's now 3 years old..
Look what he gave me.. :)

Hay grabe! A smile is priceless talaga!
We came back a few days later to hold a simple celebration at the pedia cancer ward
This is the reason why I'm always excited whenever my birthday's coming... I used to be in Neverland, where according to Peter Pan, nobody gets old.. I kept on insisting that I will forever be 16 years old.. Until last year, I said I have already grown up.. I said, "I'm now 18 years old" Haha! I felt like I always want to celebrate my birthday and how will I celebrate my birthday if I don't wanna grow up? Celebrating our birthday is celebrating life.. I wanna grow up, be thankful for my life and celebrate my birthday.. Yey! I'm living for 25 years now..

During my Good vs. Evil - Holyweek 2006, I kept thinking that if I'll die already, 22 years is ok (I was 22 years old then).. 22 years.. 22 years.. 22 years.. I felt hopeless that time.. I was so weak.. I can't sleep.. I didn't want to talk that much.. I'm super mataray!!! Etc. Etc. Etc. I felt like I would die soon and 22 years is enough already.. I just wanted everything to end so that I won't be burden to anyone.. But no no no no to suicide.. It is never an option.. I just felt like my life's going to end.. (Drama queen? Yes) After a week of continuous prayer, Easter Sunday came and the Good won over the Evil.. Months after, I celebrated my 23rd birthday..

Ang drama ko na.. Dapat happy! Woohoo! I'm alive for 25 years!

So yun nga, I just felt like I want to celebrate my birthday in a not-so-unique way while sharing my blessings.. MAY Bithday Project was born.. and I'll continue with this as long as I'm celebrating MY BIRTHDAY!

Thank for all those who supported me in this project! 'Til next year! :)

P.S. Thanks mommycool.. She dropped by our house this afternoon to bring me her birthday presents for me (aside from the toiletries she gave lastweek).. Unfortunately, we were at PGH.. See you soon cool mommycool!


  1. and as long as we're here, may kasama ka sa May projectsss mo. saya2! happy birthday talaga!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! What a meaningful project you ran there. Keep up with the great project! God Bless.

  3. @ysiad: dapat lang.. :P salamat talagang talaga ah..

    @bk: thanks!


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