Friday, May 16, 2008

Bionic Kcat The Tumor Raider

I woke up at 6:45 this morning.. excited eh! Hehe. I keep on waking up my mom and calling her phone although she's just inches away from me.. finally, she woke up at 7:45am.. and we started preparing at 8..
My appointment is at 11am.. I'm so excited! While I was taking a bath, my mom told me, it's sunny outside.. I was even more happy.. It's been raining for days due to the storm.. Last night, in my prayer, I asked God for a sunny day.. I told him that if it's a sunny day tomorrow (today) that a positive sign.. Then I took back what I said coz He might think I'm challenging Him.. Then I told Him: "It's up to You".. He really heard and answered me.. It started raining after my CI has been turned on.. Si Lord talaga oh, ang kulit mag-trip.. Hehe. While I was inside the (?) room in the Ear Unit (PGH), Dra. Quintos gave me a hearing measurement chart.. She ask me to point on the kind of sound I'll hear: No Sound, Very Soft, Soft, Moderate, Loud, Very Loud.. I was praying: "Lord make me put my finger on the word moderate.. Then I heard a very soft sound.. I didn't recognize it at once coz I thought it's just one of my tinnitus.. still very soft.. adjust. adjust. The sound became soft.. soft.. Then Dra. Quintos added an extra magnet to the speech processor.. and tadaaa! The sound became moderate..

I don't hear everything yet.. I still can't hear speech.. As of the moment, I can only hear selective loud noises.. Hehe. My brainstem/auditory ek-ek has been sleeping for 2 years without sound.. It needs to adapt to the environment.. Little by little I'll be able to hear not only the noise of the world but every sound of the world..


What sounds am I hearing? Coming Soon! :)


  1. All the best for you, Kat!! God bless you =)

  2. =)... Sana soon na diba? Oh well, I wish you well dear...


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