Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Birthday ng aking INA

It's my mom's birthday today.. She's the last May Birthday Celebrator in our family.. So, belated Happy Birthday to my dad (May10), Maro (May 17) & Me my lola (May 20).. plus ako pa pala.. :P Belated Happy Birthday din to Ice, my godchild last May13 din..

For sure she'll read my blog, kaya Ma, Happy Birthday!

fave pic nya.. taken during her AEA days..
office girl pa.. ngayon alipin na.. :P

I keep on greeting her "Happy Birthday" taps shake hands & beso every time i see her around.. sometimes I call her over just to greet her.. trip lang..
TACK: Ma! Halika!
MAMI: Bakit?
TACK: Happy Birthday ah.. (shakes her hand & kisses her)
MAMI: Regalo ko?
TACK: Pasensiya ka na bingi ako di ko marinig


P.S. Advance Happy Birthday to Talitha on October19.. haha! :P

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