Monday, May 26, 2008

I want this

Chronic Dry Eye TE Kit

Tranquileyes Chronic Dry Eye TE kit is our best-selling kit for dry eye sufferers.
Each kit includes everything a user needs to receive the full benefits of the tranquileyes system. Each TE kit includes one set of the Blue Instant thermoeyes allowing for a mild and intense Moist Heat Therapy (dry eye relief) and a mild and intense Cold Therapy (puffiness).
The Moist Heat Therapies use heat to help open the critical glands that secrete the oily lipid layer of our tear film which slows tear evaporation of our tears every day. The increased humidity created helps prevent the evaporation of natural and artificial tears while wearing the goggle. Chronic sufferers can use tranquileyes to enhance the benefits of artificial tears, Restasis, ointments, Punctal Plugs and supplements.

Kit includes: One tranquileyes goggle with foam for sensitive skin, a spare set of foam, one set Blue Instant thermoeyes, travel sack, net dry bag and 1.0 oz. anti-bacterial Cleanser for Foam. Tranquileyes are latex free and made in the USA.

Bili mo ko.. :P

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