Thursday, February 21, 2008

March 10.. Gimme Money! :P

mark your calendars.. my tentative schedule for surgery given by my dr. is march 10.. grabe! it's so near na.. it's still tentative though.. we'll still finalize everything on the coming days.. i'm just so happy that my surgery has a scheduled (tentative nga!) date already.. dun na rin punta non.. :P dra. chiong even ordered her secretary to book the operating room on march 10.. ang saya diba? and yes! i'll be having cochlear implant! woohoo! my hearing tests are all positive.. i would benefit from CI! i was really rooting for ABI since CI won't work on deaf NF2 patients like me, that's why ABI was born.. basta just google it nalang to understand it clearly.. :P basta it means, i won't be having another open brain surgery.. galing diba?

dra. chiong asked my mom for my expectations with the after my implant.. because she can't guarantee that my hearing would be 100% good.. it might not meet my expectation.. actually i don't really have an expectation in regards to the outcome of the implant.. i know my hearing won't be back like normal.. and yes i know it won't be 100% great.. as long as i'm hearing, that's fine with me.. when i found out about the ABI, i was so envious of the simple sounds a deaf nf2 can hear like the closing & opening of door, crumpling of paper, running water, etc. because ABI is not as effective as cochlear implant and cochlear implant isn't the same as a normal hearing ear.. when i found out my HOPE (the ABI), i told myself, i want that! actually, i told everyone the other day since it was midnight when i found out the article.. haha!

during those times, i'm building a new website with my artworks on it.. sort of portfolio kuno.. na hindi! hehe. i decided to include my WISHLIST on it.. i sent the link to all my friends and thankfully they offered to pass it on to their friends as well and continuously pass it on.. and pass it.. and pass it.. forward ba.. it could reach the person who'll grant my wish.. but i'm not really satisfied with that.. i kept thinking how i could raise the money.. i don't really like asking for money.. so i kept on thinking how i could raise funds.. i kept thinking.. until i thought of selling hEAR shirts and so on.. (i'll tell the history of hEAR in another entry.. coming soon)

my mom and i kept on researching about the ABI..
while my mom was doing her own research of ABI in the net, she saw an article about penetrating brainstem implant, it's the updated version of ABI and it stated that HEI (house ear institute) in california is conducting a study for FDA approval so they're looking for some patients to have that implanted on them so my mom contacted the writer of the article then he/she said my mom's letter has already been forwarded to the person/s who can help us for the said purpose.. but my mom didn't notice that she was 2 years late because the article she read was dated 2005.. but still dr. derald brackman of HEI replied and offeredus to review my case and give his medical opinion.. for free! nice.. nice..

he said cochlear implant might work for me.. so he advise me to have a promontory testing..
(Tuesday, January 29, 2008)

all my test results are positive.. my treated brain tumors are stable already..


but i still need money! i know God will provide.. ;)

*it's still tentative.. of course i'll keep u updated.. btw, my surgery will be at Manila Doctor's Hospital in UN Ave.. visit me ah.. tapos hEAR shirts will be available there.. haha! :P

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