Friday, February 29, 2008

Personality Test

You are a natural performer and can easily bring laughter and merriment to even the most serious moment. You are happiest when your home is filled with people who are all having a good time, particularly when you are the direct source of the merriment.

Because of your shifting focus and upbeat nature, people take you somewhat less seriously than you expect, often because they’re expecting a punchline at the end of your serious statement… and you probably have one ready.

You are very generous, particularly with your possessions and have a somewhat communal, shared idea of possessions among everyone you meet.

You like to wake up each morning without a plan and see where the day takes you, hopefully on some safe but relatively exciting adventure. You begin a lot of projects, but finish few because the details get boring and something more fun is sure to appear.

You like to see everyone living harmoniously and can get irritated by whoever is currently rocking the boat and causing problems.

When faced with a problem you are most likely to solve it in the most obvious way, not implementing cumbersome standard methods or finding what is “socially acceptable” first.

You prefer hands-on, practical work. You may tolerate other types of work, but you’re never happier than when you’re building, fixing or creating something you can see, touch, taste or hear. You prefer work which is not fixed to a procedure, but which may, at any time, take an entirely new direction if the impulse hits you.

As a parent or leader you are non-directive, preferring to see what happens on its own rather than lay down strict procedures and give orders. To you it is understood that any procedures developed by necessity today disappear tomorrow unless they are still absolutely required.


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