Tuesday, February 5, 2008


i'll be appearing in gma7 this time.. i was interviewed this morning by dra. beltran of kapwa ko mahal ko.. it will air on saturday morning, 6am at gma7.. so early noh? good thing we really need to be awake by that time on saturday coz we'll be selling hEAR shirts at the salesian past pupils' homecoming at dbti on saturday.. then i'll wake up ysiad coz she'll be recording it.. hehe. special mention! :P

anyway, before the camera started rolling, i asked my mom what will i say? she said: "of course about your sickness" then i asked her: "what am i sick of?" adik! then i remembered yeah i'm sick pala! :P seriously, i really forgot that i am SICK.. it's super funny.. hehe. i'm aware that i got nf2.. but i see it as a part of me lang.. parang wala lang.. eh it affected me big time pala.. hehe. ay basta i'm so praning! :P

regarding my interview.. i summarized everything.. it'll be too long if i told every detail eh.. basta kung ano man yun.. watch me nalang at kapwa ko mahal ko on saturday, 6am at gma7.. aga talaga!

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