Friday, February 15, 2008

6 Quirky Things daw

i was tagged by mommycool..
thanks! thanks! i saw the meme just now..

1. i always bring a mini flashlight.. so that i could still read lips even in dark places.. especially in the car by night time..

2. i always pony my hair when i was in highschool.. coz my hair is so buhaghag!!! walis kung walis! :P

3. i always travel in my mind.. day dreaming ba.. love it! :P

4. i get excited over little things.. i'm OVER positive at times..

5. i don't eat tilapia.. unless it's escabeche..

6. i don't drink milk unless it's choco-milk..

i'm tagging ysiad (syempre!), isjan, camille, mel & janine..

1 comment:

  1. My quriky things as well:

    1. I still watch anime and read manga up to now and will continue on...

    2. I only read fictional / fantasy books, nothing else, even for the teen section.

    3. I barely brush the lower part of my hair to avoid having it too bushy, I like it curly but intact.

    4. I don't watch tv series in ABS-CBN and GMA, nothing filipino made, the last thing I watched are those of Judy Ann and Claudine popular teleserye long ago (the ones were really intent in watching it). Just the news... I prefer foreign shows...

    5. I am addicted to chunky chips-ahoy (brown), after tasting it, i never tasted the regular one. EVER!


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