Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hindi ako bingi, tahimik lang!

who said i'm deaf? i'm just too tired to use my ears and listen.. may ganon?

hahaha! seriously, sometimes i forget that i'm deaf.. there are times when i thought that a certain situation i'm in is the reason why i'm not hearing anything.. baliw eh! hehe.

while i was watching t.v.:
i thought: "ay siguro kaya di ko marinig kasi naka-shades pa ko"
i removed my shades
i still can't hear the tv..
i realized, i'm deaf pala!


i was in fron of the computer (as always), my mom was in the kitchen, talitha and maro were here in the sala too (i can't remember what they're doing)..
i asked: "bakit ang tahimik nyo?"
"ay oo nga pala bingi ako"
then talitha wrote a note on a piece of paper and posted it above the monitor, it says, "hindi ka bingi, tahimik lang"

i was watching tv while i'm sitted at the sofa beside, then i move a bit coz i wanna stretch my legsup the sofa..
i then thought: "ayan tuloy di ko na marinig, ang layo ko na kasi eh"

i was reading my mom's lips while she's talking to my friends.. chika ever! syepre i'm chismosang bingi eh! then she move a bit far from me.. i had a hard time catching up with her stories..
i thought: "ah kasi lumayo sya kaya di ko na marinig"

maro has chicken pox.. while we were eating lunch together in the living room..
in my mind was: "kaya siguro di ko marinig si maro kasi may sakit siya"

after taking a bath, i opened the bathroom door to ask for help and shout "tapos na ko!", the light in the kitchen was turned off..
"brownout siguro (duh! i have electricity inside the CR), di ko narinig"
double duh!

baliw eh noh? i think i'm over positive na.. wahahaha! :P

*dami pa yang kabaliwan ko, nalimutan ko lng.. dagdagan ko nlng pag naalala ko..

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