Monday, February 17, 2014

Camille Party with Lotsa Love from the GYA Peeps

We were supposed to have an overnight party in Cainta a few days after Camille's birthday (January 18) but she got sick on her day followed by measles attack. Our party was scheduled on January 23, she was already rashes-free that time but could still be contagious so just cancelled the party and had a Kapitolyo foodtrip instead. But it wasn't cancelled all along, it was just postponed and rescheduled.

Camille's Birthday + Valentine's Party + Movie Night Dance Party + Booze Night + Overnight / Not-So-Pajama Party = Fun! Fun! Fun with the GYA Peeps

Yummy Chocolate Mousse from Timmy's Oven

The GYA Peeps: Literal na friends for life!

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