Monday, January 27, 2014

Epic Freestyle Saturday w/ the GYA Peeps

The GYA Peeps loves Viber group chat! Our topics can be something serious and significant but most of the time it's full of nonsensessential and meaningless stuff like sending stickers, posting selfies or whatnot. And because of this, ALL our planned 'lakad' always pushes through — wala ng drawing!!!

And so we decided to go to Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in Kapitolyo.
Their flagship store is actually in (San Joaqin, Plainview) Mandaluyong—a tricycle/jeepney away from our home, but the Kapitolyo branch seemed bigger.

I've seen A LOT of good reviews and delightful photos of Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. Inggit much! We've been meaning to eat there but we haven't found the time to go there together. Ang lapit lapit. Tss. Though some of the Peeps frequent there, di naman kami sinasama ni Michelle! (I'm so sorry Michelle, nakapag-Kanto na ko).

Bacon + Eggs + Garlic Rice + Tomato Pesto
Vigan Longgnisa + Garli Rice + Tomato Pesto

Honey Garlic Chicken + Garlic Rice + Tomato Pesto

Pancakes + Bacon + Egg

Bacon + Eggs + Garlic Rice

Pancakes + Chocolate + Chocnut

Eggs Benedict
Ang saraaap! Affordable Gourmet Breakfast indeed! Fortunately, we didn't experience the crappy service that some were complaining about. In fact, the servers are very attentive and cheerful. And we'll definitely comeback for more more more, this time kasama na si Michelle & Camille!

And then we head over to EPIC Coffee Roastery, which is just a few blocks away for some coffee and more quality time with our "special guest". This was also in my 'to-go' lists of cafes & restos to try. Unfortunately, it isn't really accessible to wheelchairs since there's about 3 steps (or is it 4?) of stairs infront of the door and there isn't any ramp. Maliit lang kasi yung place. Pero kahit na! Pero okay lang din. (Yes, I'm debating with myself) I can walk my way up. 3rd floor na parang 6 floors nga inaakyat/baba ko << :P After entering, I'm back on my wheelchair and I was able to roll my way to the counter and restroom. Btw, the restroom is simple yet spacious and clean. 

I love interiors and the feel of the place. Will I comeback despite of the lack of ramp? Sure. But still, it's unfair for the other PWDs want to get a taste of their coffe and feel the ambiance of the place, diba?

Some days are are bad, some days are good, some days are better but today is just phenomenal! by Not-So-Anonymous
But that's not all. In the evening, we went to a snack shop near our place to try it out.

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