Sunday, January 19, 2014

My right eye is always red..bloody red

Finally, we (my mom, dad & I) were able to go to Dr. Rey Santos' (my ophthalmologist) clinic in Capitol Medical Center coz my right eye is super duper bloody red since before new year.
Don't worry, it's nothing serious and unusual. Whenever it happens (yes, it often happens), I just need to have it checked by my optha so that he can prescribe me with a couple of eye drops.

Left eye

Right eye

The verdict: High (blood) pressure on eyes. Lagi kasing tumitingin sa food pics eh. LOL


And then we headed to SM Sta. Mesa (Centerpoint) for our late lunch. Since it's been a while since I haven't eaten Bonchon chicken, Bonchon it is!

Dadi: Fish & Chips

Kcat: Chicken chops

Mami: Beef Bulgogi
But, but, but.. How come the ground floor of SM Sta. Mesa isn't easily accessible to wheelchairs? From the entrance, you need to go up a few flight of stair before entering the ground floor. The elevator is right beside the entrance door but when you ride on it, the next level would be 2nd floor. Why isn't there any ramp? Or maybe (just maybe) there is but the guards & staff weren't informed? Kahit na! I thought SM Cares. Di sya kasali? :/

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