Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I wore Terry's Shoes and I will again, because I CAN!

Who says I can only wear a leg brace and orthopedic shoes? No one.

I actually wear regular shoes or sandals whenever I feel lazy to wear a leg brace, go to the church, somewhere in Kalentong, neighbor's house our outside the house (literal na labas ng bahay). The only regular shoes that I currently have are the crocs that I used to wear with my old plastic foot brace. So oftentimes, I would borrow Talitha's loafers or sandals (but definitely not this shoes). She has a bigger feet size than me (she's size 9-10, I'm 8.5-9) but it's fine because I'm not comfortable wearing shoes that are too fit; my feet are weird that way.

And then I received this:

Tracy Shoes

Lisa Shoes

I even tried it on Talitha while she was sleeping to see if it will fit her feet (gusto lang magka-rhyme :P).
What should I wear 1st?
Comfortable indeed! The insoles feels so soft and it doesn't cramp my somewhat hammer toes. It's soft but the outer part is strong and firm enough that my feet aren't slanting that much. Steady lang. Perfect!

The next day, I wore the Red Lisa Shoes when my mom, sis and I attended a surprise party in San Juan. It's alright not to wear my leg brace since I'll just be sitting and don't need to walk or something; or so I thought.

I needed to go up the stairs in order to reach the door and enter the house. Gow lang! I already did it many times before—using the stairs without my leg brace. But what amazes me is that: 1) I don't need to remove my left shoe while stepping because it's doesn't fall off, thanks to the strap. 2) My feet were flat on the ground the whole time. Calm & Steady ang peg!

After coming home, my mom, brother & I attended the mass (and also saw Blessed Laura Vicuña's relic). But before that, I changed to this:

You may think that the shoes are too big for me because of the spaces you see. It actually fits perfectly that way. As I have said, my feet is weird, that's why.

Among the two, I like the Lisa shoes more. Aylabit! The best part is, it's so affordable. I want another color. Purple (when it's already available) Hmm..

Walang basagan ng trip, k? :P
Terry's Shoes offers classy yet affordable shoes with comfort and quality. Manufacturer and retailer of shoes w/ factory in Marikina.

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