Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jollibee Party Day (Angel, Timmy & Kyle)

Timmy and Angel are my godchildren and both of them were born on February (both 2008). Timmy is February 12 while Angel is February 15, so whenever they celebrate they birthday, it often falls on the same weekend. Amazingly, even though it always fell on the same day, it always has a different time. Always. Cathy (my cousin Moises' wife) and Pau (my friend since higschool err, elementary) doesn't know each other but the time (or sometimes day) of their kid's party is always in tune with each other that I don't have to choose which party I should and should not attend. Ang galing!

Angel at 12pm, Timmy (& Kyle) at 4pm

Sabi nga, 'if it's meant, it's meant', so ibig sabihin, kailangan kong maki-party kay Angel & Timmy. Kiddie Party. And party means foodssss! LOL

With Angel na kamuha ng nanay niya.. 
Mabait, tahimik.. di tulad ng nanay niya. LOL
Hello Kitty Party!!!
Very Cute. Everything were made by Ate Anne (Pau's sister)

The Ortigas family. Thank you for letting us print your shirts :)
It's so nice to see all the gang together. Kaaliw.
Happy Birthday Angela Cassandra Ortigas Gamez!
Our family was supposed to fetch us at Jollibee Halcon (near Barangka) in Mandaluyong before going to Jollibee in De Castro, Pasig. The party ended at around 3pm and we called home, they weren't ready yet and they want us to go home first. Nye! So Talitha and I decided to go straight to Pasig instead. Early bird it is! First time.

While waiting...
When Timmy had her birthday party (2 days before his actual birthdate), his mom Cathy was already 9 months pregnant and the Kyle was born the next day (February11).

Timothy John & Kyle Matthew's a Batman Party!

Jollibee Party Part 2

These cakes were raffled because..
Hello? They're Timmy's Oven and they always have cakes almost everyday

Timmy's Oven family
Champion team LOL
Ang sweet ni Jollibee, kinuhaan din ako!
Ang saya ni Tita Angie, she won the cake!
Timmy, Kyle & Talitha
Di pala ako nakapag-pa-picture sa birthday boys. Tss.

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