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KCAT CAN: Waiting For God's Signs

Whenever I can’t think of anything to write about— whether I mention it in my prayer or not, as long as I would think about it—God always gives me a ‘sign’ to answer this prayer; and Ndre’s story is my answered prayer. 

Waiting For God's Signs

“Do you believe in signs?” My sister asked me one day.

She meant asking God for a “sign” to help us with our decision-making. I do believe in signs but I don’t really agree with asking God for a sign. Instead, I just pray for what I’m asking and open my heart for whatever sign He would give me. God reaches out and speaks to us in many various ways. More than a sign, it’s Him answering us, but are we hearing Him?

I call it an answered prayer. While sometimes these signs are far from answering my prayers, I know in my heart that it will lead me to that answer. “Pray, move and dadating nalang ang sign,’” I told my sister. “You’ll just know.”

When I faced back my computer, I saw an article about liver transplant. I knew that was the sign, an answer to my prayer.

Andrius Wayne or Ndre was born on August 14, 2007 in Davao del Norte. The eldest son of Julius and Rubi Riña, he was diagnosed with a congenital bleeding disorder and chronic liver disease. Ndrei needs a liver transplant that costs millions of peso. Although he really needs it, he can’t undergo the procedure yet. Aside from the lack of funds, his mysterious bleeding disorder needs to be identified first before they can proceed with the transplant to avoid more complications.

“Kapit sa patalim ang laban namin ni Ndrei kasi, pag hindi siya mai-transplant, we might lose him. Pag nag-transplant naman habang meron siyang bleeding disorder, risky daw masyado,” shares Rubi.

Ndrei already had a couple tests to identify his bleeding disorder but it always came out negative. He will need to undergo a more comprehensive and expensive series of lab tests to determine the type of bleeding disorder that he has.

With only limited funds, Ndre’s parents won’t be able to sustain his medical needs if they will only rely on what they have. They are willing to do everything in order to give their son the treatment he needs and hopefully, a brighter future. They are currently holding various fundraising activities which aim to collect at least four million pesos for his liver transplant and continuous treatment for his bleeding disorder.

On March 22, a benefit concert in Tagum City, Davao del Norte titled, “Help Save Ndre Concert for a Cause” will be held with performances by YouTube sensation Jireh Lim.

Ndre is so fond of watching Lim’s videos and listening to his music so when he was in Manila for a checkup at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), his mom got in touch with his favorite singer. The next thing he knew, Lim was visiting him at the PGH and even agreed to perform at the benefit concert for free.

They also have a fundraising shirt that they’re selling for P300 (adults) and P250 (kids). In fundraising, every cent counts and I can relate to that. They have also prepared a couple of coin banks to be placed at shopping malls and establishments around their city. They’re also planning to hold a dinner for a cause.

Rubi is seeking help from everyone she could think of: government officials, private companies, family and friends.

“Honestly, hindi madali ang mag-fundraising kasi ang iba willing tumulong, may iba naman may magda-doubt pa sa’yo,” she says. “But I have to do this for Ndrei. I love him so much and I will do anything for him.”


Rubi told me that when Ndre was admitted to the hospital, he would ask his mom for crayons, paper and pen and he would draw everything that he sees and imagines. He reminded me of myself when I was nine. I was confined in the hospital due to dengue fever and to ease my boredom I would draw and scribble everything I saw including my nurses and doctors. Amazingly, my mom was able to keep my drawings from that time.

Anyway, I was more amazed when I learned more stories about Ndre: how he seriously takes the role of a kuya to his younger brother and sister; how he loves to sing even when he’s intubated; how he told his mom he’ll buy her a house with painted walls; and how he loves to express his affections through words and actions. I was so amused at Ndre who even at a young age is so full of positivity and strength.

“Ndre is a fighter!” Ruby claims. “Hindi siya mahirap painumin ng gamot kasi pag alam niyang para sa sakit niya ‘yun at para sa paggaling niya, iniinumin n’ya kaagad.”

One night when Rubi and Ndre were outside, he pointed at the sky and told his mom, “Mama ang daming stars!” She asked Ndre if he counted all of it and he replied, “Hindi ko binilang, nag-wish ako na sana gumaling na ko.”

Show your support to this brave little boy, visit him on Facebook via You can contact his mom, Rubi Riña at 09477987332 or send in your donations at BDO Account Number 3780266878; of Andrius Wayne Riña/ Ruby Jane Riña. Swift code is BNORPHMM.

We can’t just wait for a sign without doing something. How will we see God’s signs, how will we hear His answer, and how will He help us if we don’t help ourselves? Remember that God helps those who help themselves. Pray to God, look out for His sign, follow His lead, and do something about it. Only then will you realize that your prayer has been answered. That’s what I’ve been doing and I can now easily pinpoint His answers to my prayer every time, all the time.

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