Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feeling Kids again at Toy Kingdom

February 10. My mom, Talitha and I head over to Toy Kingdom in Megamall to buy gifts for Angel, Timmy and Kyle's birthday party on Saturday. Shopping for toys is always a fun-filled activity. Wag lang isipin ang gastos. LOL.

I bet most of the people who works in toys stores have a happy and cheerful attitude. Seeing lotsa toys can make everyone happy; yes, everyone – young or old, not only the kids. Or is it just us? I don't think so.

While looking around for toys, we saw a mom and kid playing some fishing game. Ang saya! We learned that it’s one of the challenges you can play when your total purchased amount reaches Php500 or more. My mom declared, “Tayo rin!”

Since we have two different receipts, we were able to get two game coupons. Even though there’s no child with us, we were able play the challenges, booth by booth. Feeling mga bata. Pwede naman eh. :P

There were 5 challenges to do and you have to complete / win at least 3 or 4 games. Talitha was our representative who played all of the games cheerleader ako. My mom did the 2nd challenge with Talitha. She completed and won all the rounds. Aliw!

King / Queen of the Dance Floor
1st game was dancing w/ Xbox Kinect. We’re convinced. We’ll buy Just Dance 2014 for the GYA Peeps Dance Party on March 20. :)
Master of Transform

2nd game was transforming the car into a robot in a given time. It’s like transformers.

Master Drifter

3rd game was navigating the RC without bumping onto the blocks/cups that leads the way.
Sharp Shooter
4th was sharp shooter. Beng. Beng. Beng. (Not the chocolate given at Westpoint shooting range :P)
Swing and Win
5th was the fishing game. You have to fish out a certain number of jewels (?) in a given time.
Nail Art
You just have to complete 3 or 4 challenges, and since we were able to complete everything (with flying colors), we were able to unlock the 6th challenge (not-so-challenge), which you can opt not to do. But we want to complete everything. The prize was a Hello Kitty lootbag full of goodies.

Ang saya! Let’s buy toys and play again.

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