Sunday, February 27, 2011

Live for the Moment

My super talented friend Manong Joel Tangunan made a song for me.. and I love it so so so much!

Live For The Moment
Music & Lyrics by Joel Tangunan

A day is the longest time of life
A life is the greatest gift to live
And here in my lifetime I live in gladness
So you won’t be sad and crying


Live for the moment ‘
Coz every moment is forever
Live for the moment ‘
Coz that’s your reason for the others
That’s how you’ll never miss a thing
If you will live for the moment

I endure my movements to go on
‘Coz I have now my reason to move on
Now here in my lifetime I’ve found my purpose
My life is to give inspiration

Live for the moment
Because I can give the hope for the others
That’s how I make my life worthwhile
‘Coz I do live for the moment

My life is not too short
‘Coz love is the life I live for the moment

Live for the moment,
A moment is the sweetest gift to others
Live for the moment
So every one will see how life is beautiful
You’ll find the meaning of your life
If you will live for the moment

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