Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear Jon

While I was checking my FB wall last January 31, I paused and stared at the computer screen for a while when I read that Baby Jon Angelo Viado passed away. Sad. :(

I was planning to write my Dear Jon letter, I was still contemplating and thinking what to write, but he passed away too soon.. :| But then again, I told myself that it's never too late. I could still write him a letter & post it on my blog. Maybe someday he would be able to read it if stumbles upon it while surfing the net in heaven. Haha.

Dear Jon,
Hi! I finally met you, though you weren't able to meet me. It's okay, just feel free to visit me anytime, our house is located at the back of St. Dominic Savio Parish in Mandaluyong. If you don't know the way, just ask the other angels around there.

I felt sadness when I entered the room, but as were walking towards your casket, the sadness was dying down until I saw you inside, the sadness I felt disappeared completely. It's like your just calmly sleeping and you were even smiling. That is a sign that you are happy now with God and all the pains you've endured is all gone now. and BTW, you are so handsome and cute.

I know how painful NGT, suction and others are. You are so strong for enduring it. I know you have lived a happy life despite of your condition. I can see it in you, from then til now. Thank you. Thank you for existing. It may just be a short span but it those 2 years and some months, you have touched a lot of peoples lives. I've been reading a lot of messages from people who you have inspired on your Facebook wall. You are so loved.

I love you so much! Even though it's really your dad who's conversing with me on Facebook and twitter, but seeing your name as the username, I felt like it was you who I'm talking with and that made me happy every time.

You have touched my life as well. Thank you.

Thank you Mommy Tet & Daddy Joni for Sharing Baby Jon with us.
Thank you for making him live a happy life.

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