Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hope for Job

I learned about Baby Job on Facebook and he needs us..

Baby Job Tyrese was born in June 6, 2010 with BILIARY ATRESIA--a fatal, serious and rare liver disease that affects 1 out of 15,000 newborn infants. His disease is caused by his liver not having bile ducts that help the liver drain out bile to pass it on to the intestines for digesting food. As a result, the bile is trapped inside his body and this will cause liver scarring and loss of liver tissue and is destroying his liver.

He is in need of a liver transplant that costs 3 to 4 Million Pesos.

His parents, Thristian & Raymelia are newlyweds who are earning just enough as nurses to support their daily needs and Job's medications. They need our help to raise funds for baby Job's much needed liver transplant.

You can read his parent's letter here.

You can send in your donations through:
BDO Peso Savings Account
(Ortigas Avenue Branch)
Account Number : 1550156754
Account Name: Job Tyrese D. Feliciano
BDO bank Dollar Savings Account
(Sta. Lucia Mall East- Felix Branch)
Account Number: 6310088717
Account Name: Raymelia D. Feliciano

Please get in touch with:
Thristian John E. Feliciano (Father)
Telephone Number: (02)477-67-26
Cellphone Number: (+63)916-6369363

Raymelia “Sweet” del Rosario-Feliciano (Mother)
Cellphone number: (+63)927-6138727    
Telephone Number: (02)477-67-26
Email Address:

Job Tyrese—named after the character in the bible, JOB,
a man who was tested with so many trials but never gave up his FAITH

Job's Facebook:

Let's spread the word & give Job a lot of HOPE! :)

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