Thursday, February 17, 2011

EYE CAN.. because with your help, I CAN!

Hi friends! Once again, I’m seeking your generosity to support “EYE-CAN”, a fund drive for my upcoming head surgery.

Neurofibromatosis is a continuing battle
,we never know when an aggressive tumor will strike. There are multiple tumors in some parts of my body but mostly are not active, I am always hoping and praying that they will behave and do no harm in me anymore.

March 2010, I had my regular CT scan done.   The  study showed hyperostosis (abnormal thickening of soft tissues) of my right sphenoid bone and lateral orbital wall. November 2010, I started to notice protrusion of my right eye. Last January, I had my eye checked with my Opthalmologist and my Neurosurgeon. A soft mass/tumor(meningiomas) is stimulating the bone to overgrow. According to my neurosurgeon, Dr. Lopez, the cause usually is if you have meningioma, the bone reacts to the tumor by hypertrophy. My recent CT scan study done Feb. 17, 2011 showed increasing hyperostosis that is pushing my right eye to budge out. But still, I thank God, the tumors are relatively unchanged based on the prior study, meaning they are sleeping already, not aggressive and I am really praying hard for them to just sleep well there, don’t ever cause me harm anymore.

To be able to reduce the prostosis of my eye, I need to undergo a head surgery to remove the abnormal bone  to allow my right eye to fall back. This would cost us a lot. Once again, I need your support. I am not seeking any solicitation or donation using your hard-earned money. I am launching my EYE-CAN fund drive campaign where I will be selling my personalized designs created from my heart. All I am asking is your support to buy my products for me to raise the amount I needed for my surgery.

(purple wristband - P50, Button Pin - P25, Tumbler - P100, hEAR shirt - P250)

I am also launching a new shirt design, which was inspired by the kindhearted people who helped us so much in my hEAR Campaign for my Cochlear Implantation in 2007. I believed that as long as we let our hearts see, hear and feel, that everything we mean really comes deep from the heart, we will definitely receive so many blessings from up above and from so many people. Once again,”hEAR me with your hEARt”, I know EYE-CAN

Thank you so much for extending help for my EAR. Please help me with my EYE. With your support , I know  I (eye) CAN, definitely. My never-ending thank you so much! God bless us all!

Maria Kathrina “KCAT” Lopez Yarza

Here's my online store:

You can text me at 09063360757 or 09235219600
Or contact my mom at 09272459400 (Madge)
It would be very grateful if you could pass this on and spread to all your friends for them to do likewise. Super thank you very very so so much!

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