Sunday, February 27, 2011

His Fallen Angel

Composed by Joel Tangunan for someone(s).. in  LOVING  memory of KK.. -namatay daw kuko nya! wahaha! ;P

(Words & music by Joel Tangunan)

I saw an angel fallen from the sky
I catch her fallen with her broken wings can't fly

And she touched my broken heart like forever
How I wish I could keep her mine and not let her go

My fallen angel she'd made my life complete
And she put the stars in my universe
My fallen angel I never thought she'll give
The love I've always longing
If I could keep her near by my side
I'll hold her tight

I took that angel in the heaven of my heart
I loved her so much till I'm falling down to die

Coz I had to let her fly to her haven
Though I felt all the things that made my heart so Assured

My fallen angel you've filled my empty life
And you've made me feel the love I need
My fallen angel you took away my fears
And you've healed my wounded heart
Right now I have to thank you my angel
For loving me

Wherever you may go I'm happy for you
You are my forevermore

My fallen angel is the love my life I live
That's how she gave me meaning
My fallen angel farewell but not goodbye
Coz you're forever in my heart
If I could take you here with me
My fallen angel

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