Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jhae & the Special Kids

I got to meet Jhae, who advocates a fund-raising project for special kids especially in Nueva Vizcaya..

Jhae Special Kids of Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya is a reached out project for special kids initiated by Jhae Serquiña Bernardez. This project aims to enhance and lengthen children’s health and self esteem by giving them special attention and some basic medical, educational and recreational needs.

Here's what it is all about:

During the last 8 months of service, we have been piloting the Special Kids Program! We also have seen dramatic improvements with most of the special kids enhancing their self esteem. We have seen measurable success and we are now seeking to expand our Special Kids Program. This includes providing special attention to children by gift giving and providing for some of their basic personal needs which their families may not afford such as some medicines, educational toys and educational materials. Secondly, we also provide necessary help as the condition calls in terms of hospitalization in government hospitals or as the supporters of this initiative can afford. As well we aim to provide necessary help for special schooling (if available) depending on the needs and capacity of the child as well as the support of the initiative’s supporters. More over we also aspire to build a special home school for these children (long term) where they can learn of basic learning skills (Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Values Ed) in their own phase with the guidance of a special teacher and their caretakers  Stuff selling of Jhae special Kids T-Shirts, Baller ID’s and more. In addition we eagerly anticipate with delight any donations from anyone who wish to support the project. As we have initially discussed our aim to this project, we appreciate discerning your part in order to reach successfully our aim to this project. Thank you and more power.
Very truly yours,Jhae S. BernardezInitiator

Let us support this project and help give smile to these kids.

Shirt for 200 Php

Baller ID for 100 Php

You may contact
Jhae Bernardez at

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