Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mae Loves to hear from you again

For my friends in the dessert (Middle East) ;P Let's help Mae raise funds for Cochlear Implant in order to hear the world again..

I learned about Mae through Jen's blog..

Here's a copy of Mae's letter posted at her website:

I hope this letter finds you well.
My name is Ferlene Mae Muto, 15 years of age, I was born normal and healthy on September 25, 1994.  I go to a private school in Sharjah and will be in fourth year high school.  I am the eldest and only daughter and I have two younger brothers who are aged 7 & 4 years old.
During my younger years I got sick of primary complex when I was in the Philippines and was under medication for 1 ½ years thats why the doctor suspected that my hearing loss might be from ototoxic. Maybe the side effect of a medicine.  I wore a pair of hearing aids since I was nine years old and now my hearing is deteriorating fast and the doctor advised me to consider the cochlear implant which will cost AED 132,408.00 including of speech therapy, programming and hook up.
  I have so many dreams in life but still I dont know if I will achieve that in my present condition.  I would like to go to college and take up English Literature because I love to write stories that came from my inspiration and my imagination.  I like to draw sometimes, which people always compliment that Im great at it but still Im an amateur though.  I am fond of reading books and listen to music but at the moment of my life I can never do that because I cannot even hear anything... anymore..
Sometimes, Its really hard for me accept the truth and I feel so sad because I cant do what a normal teenager does, but I know that theres a reason behind this and I will never loose hope that someday I can hear my favorite music again, as well as hearing out your words.  But still Im thankful to GOD that I can say I am lucky because I can talk and go to a normal school by understanding them on lip reading and writing.  I know that GOD has always a plan for everyone and I will never surrender and bind myself in deafness, I will do my best to live a normal life and have a bright future since I know I am not alone because GOD is always with me and I have a supportive family, friends and also YOU.
It is a very difficult decision to ask someones help but I need to do this and tell to you honestly that we cannot afford a cochlear implant. I know how my parents worked so hard to save money from work as well as making and selling dried fishes, selling bags, shoes etc. which they didnt feel ashamed of so that they can earned extra money and save for my implant but they are an ordinary employees only who will not be even allowed to have a bank loan in Dubai.
Here I am, knocking at your heart, pleading for your support so that I can undergo for a cochlear implant and have a normal life and maybe someday I will be as successful same as what you are right now. 
I would like to thank you all for reading this and I am hoping and praying that you will help me financially and in prayers as well. 
May GOD continue to shower your more blessings and please make my life more meaningful...'coz..I love to hear you again.

Support Mae and buy her shirt for 30EAD..

here's the contact info posted at her site:

With our prayers and support, Mae's wish to be able to hear again will definitely come true..

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