Saturday, June 14, 2008

UNPhotographed Week

I was out of town last week.. Joke! Away from our home sweet(?) home lang.. Out of Mandaluyong.. Hehe. My family stayed at Manila Pavilion from June 8 to June 13.. It's complimentary for my dad since he's part of the DPWH physical arrangement ek-ek.. Taga-glue ng props.. Hehe. Basta may free room period. Syempre we tagged along with him.. Damay-damay lang.. I missed my pc a lot! But I survived.. I have a good book to read, I'm in a nice room & I always eat sumptuous meals.. Hehe. Swimming pool pa pala! Of course I swam again..

It was a long week.. I'll just enumerate what happened:
Talitha, Maro, Kathreen, Kariz, Janna & me left the house ahead.. We went to Robinsons Place, Manila coz I need to buy a salbabida.. I'm going to swim! We went to Toys R Us.. Then we ate Merienda at McDo though I ate the pizza bar I bought from Chicago Pizza.. Then Powerbooks and Timezone.. Yipee! We left Maro in Timezone while we were at Powerbooks then we joined him there afterwards.. Maro played arcade games, Kathreen, Kariz & Janna were in DanceRevo while Talitha & I played air hockey.. I'm fond of playing that even though I'm in a wheelchair.. It's not prohibited naman ah.. Haha. For our last stint we played an arcade game.. Car Racing ek-ek. I'm was on the 8th Place. Ang loser! :P I keep on telling: "ang likot ko, wala kasi akong balance eh" Haha! Pasyal-pasyal then my mom & dad picked us at there after checking in and getting the keycards.. Kayze & Jenrik also joined the fun..
We gave our slot for the free breakfast to Kathreen, Kayze, Kariz & Janna.. And since Tito Jojo (my dad's officemate and Maro's ninong who's also checked in there) didn't use his free stud that morning, Talitha used his slot instead.. Me, my mom, Maro & Jenrik ate our breakfast at McDo across the street.. Bene, Noel, Peter & Jayjay went there too.. We went to the 5th floor at around 12am.. That's where the pool is located.. Yey! I also met Anya & Bernard.. They went to our house that day to meet me & buy a shirt, unfortunately I wasn't around but luckily, my mom came home to get some stuffs we left and fetch the other peeps.. So Anya & Bernard went to the hotel with my mom.. The peeps went home at around 9pm(?) I'm not sure coz I was taking a nap in the other room..
My mom & Maro left after eating they're breakfast coz it's the first day of school.. They came back in the afternoon.. Talitha & me woke up quarter to 10.. Breakfast is only is from 6-10:30am.. We got there (I can't remember what's the name of their resto) 10:10am. We were the only ones who is still eating breakfast.. Hehe. Btw, it's buffet.. Busog! We just hanged out in the room afterwards.. Then Tonty (my pt intern in POC before) dropped by coz he's now a certified PT and working at MaDocs.. Neighbor! Noel & Niza dropped by late in the afternoon.. We bought art materials (cartolina, colored pens, watercolor) in the grocery near by and made a banner for Katrina..
Breakfast ever! We weren't late! sarap ng whipped cream! Yum! Yum! Ate Karen and her kids (Kyle, Justin, Katrina) went to the hotel for a swim.. I didn't swim though, coz I have my period.. Hehe. We also had a surprise party for Katrina since it's her birthday last friday (june13).. When I asked her with an thumbs up okay sign, she also did a thumbs up sign & smiled.. Ang saya noh? Happy Birthday! Jonathan & his (girl?)friend Irene went there in the afternoon.. Because Jonathan will drive us going to Dasma Village.. I (we, coz my mom's my spokesperson) have a meeting.. Meeting?! Totchal! Haha! It's for the shirt design & logo revision I'm doing for a certain organization.. Ano yun? Secret. :P Super nice nice nice house! Talitha was left in the hotel because she was so sleepy.. Weeh! She wasn't able to see the super nice cr.. Hehe.
Syempre breakfast na naman.. It was my 4th Mapping in PGH.. 4th na nga ba? Unfortunately my CI run out of battery so I wasn't able to double check the adjustment done.. Eh tapos ang kulit pa ni Maro.. Ms. Kaye (the audiologists) got confused, she unprogrammed the program.. Basta na off nya pala! We only knew about it when we placed the new battery when we're already in the hotel.. After PGH, we went to Rob place syempre they're just beside each other.. We ate then met up with Celina&BJ.. Btw, Ninang TJ was also with us in PGH & Rob pala..They came from school coz they're mastering on achchu(i dunno.. hehe) they joined us in the hotel to take a nap.. In the evening, my dad fetched us (my mom, Talitha, Maro & me) then we went to grandstand/san lorenzo ruiz plaza to check out the bazaar and watch the fireworks.. Ganda!
Last breakfast.. After checking out, we went to PGH (Ear Unit) again to have my CI reprogrammed.. Lunch at Rob.. Then we went to DFA kasi nga I'm an able disabled.. ;) Then home sweet home na! I kissed my pc kagad.. Haha!

Unfortunately, there are no pics to share eh.. Our cam is malfunctioning tapos I'm too lazy to take a pic from my phone.. I forget din.. Tapos I decided that I'll not take any pic nalang.. Trip lang.. Daming nice memories.. It's ok if there are no pics to look at.. Good thing I got a blog!

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