Friday, June 20, 2008

Save Serena

I was blog hopping and dropping entrecards when I landed to virtual_reality's blog (who happened to land on my blog as well and left a message on my cbox) & read her recent post..

Serena Soussi was diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer called Neuroblastoma.. And she has been coming in and out of the hospital for chemotherapy & radiotherapy since then.. Last January, she went to remission and lived like a normal kid.. Until 5 weeks ago Serena was readmitted to the hospital.. The cancer is back! Her only hope to fight the disease is to undergo revolutionary treatment in America at a cost of £125,000.. And she needs it soon.. She needs our help! You can ChipIn if you have few bucks to share or if you can't donate (like me), you could blog about Serena too and create a buzz.. It may reach the right person who could help her.. And most of all, let's pray for her.. Prayers move mountains..

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